I am the God Father to my sister’s baby girl who has been named Keisha, recently I was asked to give a little introduction at a party held on her behalf. So this is what it is. The video for you if you would like to read the entire speech its below.

“Hello everyone and a hearty welcome to celebrate the joy of Keisha in our lives.

Let me start from the beginning, for those of you who do not know about the relationship that Keisha and I share. When she had no name and only existed as a lump of being in Karen’s womb, that’s the start of where my story begins.

I usually like to have a part of my day which I spend in transcendental meditation, induced my rhythmic beats of music and dance motions. Karen was sitting on the sofa and I was travelling in my head, to the music, lost inside to be woken up by Karen, who seemed to be very excited. The reason for her excitement was the lump in her stomach moving and floating, was it to the rhythm of the music, was it to the vibrations that I was emitting, I do not know.

I was amazed, it was like an embossment moving around in a rhythm, then she said touch Clyde, there was a moment where I was wondering if she couldn’t realize that the babies motions were so prominent that I did not need to touch her tummy to feel them. But as I reached out to touch, before I could connect my hand to her stomach a tiny hand pushed through the tense surface in a form of a hand pushing through the underside of a bed sheet. To reach out and touch mine, the connection that induced an exchange of energies never experienced by me till date got me stumped.

I was sitting on the floor left to think how a life that supposedly would know nothing about living, would do and understand more than you and I perceive of this reality. From that day Keisha and I have had this bond, where we can be masters and puppets of each others attention to brings a smile on our faces.

Ashley and Karen, I do hope you learn as much from your child as you would like her to learn from this life. Over the years society, so called education will consume and condition her mind until she is just another part of a well oiled machine. With barriers built around her of race, colour and creed. I do hope before that happens she can open a new door to a world of cosmic consciousness for all of us, just how she touched me.

Each one of us has the power within our selves no matter how young or how old, to spread joy in each others lives, its the choices we make that make us who we are and what we do. Hope Keisha too keeps learning and growing, not in terms of education or monetary aspects, but in terms of understanding the joys of being born as a human. Ahimsa.”

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