Optical Illusions VII

Get ready to trick your eyes with some cool illusions that show the difference between visual perception and reality.

Sometimes we need to be told that something is there to be able to see it, and at times, you can spot it at first shot. Can you spot a distinct figure in the image below –
Optical Illusion
A mother and her child are praying in this picture, saw it now. If not, then tilt your head towards the left, and you can see it. I also noticed another boy next to the first one, only his face and hair are visible.

Are you feeling dizzy seeing the next illusion? I love this one, it zooms in and out, one moment it feels like the words are clear. “I can’t live my life…understand…” So focus and see the image moving. Focus optical illusionThe next one is a pretty red rose. Illusions are found in nature and its creation, so a closer look and you can see something else hidden in the picture. Rose optical illusionIf you look at the middle of the rose, there is a silhouette dolphin. Isn’t it wonderful?
A moving circle forming smaller circles around it. Stare at the picture below for a few seconds, and you will start seeing colorful circles rotating and taking different shapes. I really liked this one. Moving Circles
A magic trick of the mirror. The man appears really fat, but its just the right placement of the mirror that makes him look that way. Mirror optical illusionThe shadow of the pole looks like a palm tree. But if you read the message on the pole it explains the illusion – Nothing can replace a tree. The shadow of the palm tree is painted on the road, to spread the message. Very cleverly done. Palm tree illusionDrop few lines if you enjoyed this collection, and always look out for illusions in real life, you never know what you may find!


Mighty Illusions

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