Another collection of entertaining optical illusions, from real life to camera tricks, it all depends on your perspective.

This one is a romantic illusion, looks like the sailor and his woman are nailed to the wall. Maybe not, look closely. Will the woman fall if the sailor lifted his arms? This one took me more than 30 seconds to figure out. How long did it take you? Romantic Sailor Illusion
The woman is actually lying flat on the ground and the sailor is standing on a lower level. They are standing on different heights and this picture was taken from above.

Now another romantic and creative illusion, created with light and paper. Its quite neatly done.
Glasses Illusion Lets take a look at few perspective illusions, which deceives the mind into judging the distance between objects. This one is a cool illusion, which seems puzzling at first. The person standing on the right appears to be bigger than the one on the left. Ames room IllusionOn changing sides, even their height has changed. This illusion is taken in the Ames Room, which is made in such a way that the shape of it is totally distorted although when viewed from outside through a window, the room looks perfectly normal. The illusion is convincing enough that a person walking back and forth from the left corner to the right corner appears to grow or shrink. The technique of this illusion was used in The Lord of the Rings film to create tall and dwarf-sized people. Ames room Optical IllusionWho wants Pringles? I would like to try one these tricks, need a good judgement for it. Pringles Can Illusion Here’s a simple one. Spot the seven faces in the image below. Seven faces Optical Illusion


Mighty Illusions

Optical Illusions

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