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Sustainability for a Futurist : Archaeology

Here’s another dose of enlightenment from our comrade Aliston, he takes us through the origins of man, laughs at evolution and puts forth some interesting theories. This is a follow up on his previous post on Health.

human evolution according to darwin
Darwin's theory of evolution

There have been many unexplainable artifacts that have been found at sites all around the world but are dumped in basements and not acknowledged because they don’t fit in with every leading, and obviously concerned, scientists current way of thinking.

This authoritarian system of “peer review” be it in archeology, paleontology, biology or any other department is an effective way of keeping independent thinkers out of the public information loop. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that Darwin’s “Swiss cheese” evolution theory is going to become very stupid to the public understanding even though they still brainwash us with his survival agenda.

Author Lloyd Pye in his book Human Origins demonstrates the huge difference between primates and humans.

Genes: A popular statistic to back up evolution is that human DNA shares 99% of its code with chimpanzees and 98% with gorillas. Human DNA has 3 billion base pairs, 1% of which is 30 million base pairs. One base pair is enough to cause a significant difference in the species, 30 million means its highly unlikely that we ever evolved in a few ‘million gene swap’ leaps naturally from primates.

Humans suffer from 4000 genetic disorders compared to a few that affect primates, many of which are fatal, so did we evolve to a ‘higher & improved’ species. We also lost two chromosomes to become 46 from the 48 chromosomes of primates. Nature cannot make so much DNA just disappear. Primates are 5-10 times stronger than humans, even the smallest monkeys. How did we become so puny and weak in our evolutionary improvement process.

The list goes on:

  • Bones: Lighter and more porous than any primate
  • Skin: Not adapted to the solar intensity on this planet unless melanin(the dark pigment) is increased which has only been achieved by the Negro and Aboriginal races.
  • Body Hair: Primates have a complete pelt of body hair with a thicker coat on the back so they have no problems with skin exposure to solar radiation. Humans have completely switched our body hair pattern to almost that of pigs and the thickest area has moved from the back to the front.
  • Fat: Humans have 10 times more fat cells on the underside of their skin compared to primates. This makes healing of injuries much slower.
  • Head Hair & FingernToe Nails: All primates have head hair that grows to a certain length and stops. Humans have continuously growing hair throughout their lifespan. The same goes for finger and toe nails.
  • Skull: The human skull is hardly comparable to any primate skull. Even attempts are foolish & useless.
  • Brains: The human brain is more radical but not necessarily better than primates. Primate brains work extremely well for what they have to do.
  • Locomotion: Humans are bipedal, primates are quadrupeds. Enough said.
  • Throats: Human throats are completely redesigned compared to primates. The larynx has dropped much lower so that humans can break typical primate sounds by modulation which makes speech and language possible.
  • Sex: Primate females have oestrus cycles and are receptive to sex only at certain times of the year. Bonobos and human females are continuously receptive to sex.

Apart from this, the entire time-line we have been given for evolution may be in fact wrong. A book called Evolution Cruncher by PBS TV networks is the latest, most in-depth examination of evolution for those interested in going deeper. Additionally, Earth’s Forbidden Secrets by Maxwell Igan catalogs archaeological and historical evidence not explainable & accepted by academia.

The most hard hitting evidence comes from DNA research. First, the chance that long chains of amino acids assembled the full protein with a few lightning strikes in a pre-biotic soup left to stew for billions of years is very unlikely no matter how nutritious the pre-biotic soup was. The probability is calculated by geneticists to be one followed by 240 zeros.

To give some form of benchmark all the atoms in the universe are calculated to be 1 followed by 80 zeros. How much less likely is it that the cells, tissues, membranes, organs or all the other complex biological life with their functional mechanisms formed fully from nowhere through continuous lightning, strikes in some primordial soup after some millions of chance collisions of molecules.

Human DNA has the ability to change, with the information transmitted to it

Sounds as lame as anything I’ve ever heard, but they still teach us this like its a fact. Francis Crick, the co discoverer of the double helix structure of DNA said that “the odds against such instant life are astronomical – more unlikely than assembling a Boeing 707 from a hurricane junkyard.”

Moreover, when DNA replicates it uses the same 20 amino acids to produce proteins in all organisms, from the simplest to the most complex. The choice of this language of 20 amino acids is so universal that it may go back to the beginning of all living things.

The scientific establishment states that 1-3% of DNA’s function is for protein synthesis and the rest 97% is junk. It has also been demonstrated that this junk DNA follows the same pattern that we have in language. Zipf’s law states that the rank and frequency of the words of all languages follow a pattern that can be plotted on a graph with a slope of -I. This means that there is a whole language of life yet to be deciphered by us within our own DNA.

DNA then, is an electromagnetic receiver and transmitter of information. Hypnotists, medicine men and shamans have been claiming for thousands of years of their ability to be taught information by what they call ‘spirit helpers’ when in a trance. Information that they never imagined of before but were able to easily access when in a trance state.

Whatever be the case, with our technology today we still cannot build any of the gigantic structures that dot important leylines around the world like Baal-beck, Easter island etc. So its reasonable to assume they used some other far more advanced technology that is most likely within, rather than external to, us.

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