Butterflies out of Beer Cans, Paul Villinski’s Art


Paul Villinski beer can into butterflies What could you possibly do with an empty beer can? Crush it and throw it in the bin, would be the normal response. But artist Paul Villinski had a different idea.

He transformed these crushed aluminum cans into something really pretty; he made butterflies out of beer cans, which on installation would flutter with the breeze or appear to be flying.

The process of making this, according to Villinski is kind of a physical meditation, to find that inner stillness to craft delicate antenna of a butterfly from a beer can. He has also converted a discarded wheelchair and radio flyers into a glider, and converted used, old gloves into vessels, garments and sacks.

Let’s see Villinski’s creation out of beer cans and wires. In the image on the right, he has used vinyl records, wire, phonograph and record covers. Art out of beer cansWith a bit of breeze these realistic looking butterflies appear to fly. Beer Can Butterflies by Paul Villinski If you’ve followed the artwork section then you would have noticed the recreation of art out of literally anything – litter, old books, garbage bags, and now beer cans. Blue butterflies installationVillinski also collects old, used, stray gloves, which are interwoven, hand-stitched to create art pieces. It turns out to be lovely. Hand gloves used in creating art These are vessels created out of work gloves. He mentions an interesting point, that by making new objects out of gloves, their ability to hold is restored. It gives a feel of comfort and warmth. Vessels out of work gloves Paul Villinski

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