Iran Women Work as Cab Drivers, Firefighters

Iran women taxi drivers Women liberation is always a welcome sign and the Middle East is definitely not lacking behind. In Tehran, the capital of Iran, women taxi drivers are becoming very popular.

There are around 700 women cab drivers in Iran who work for taxi services run by women, for women, and no male passengers are allowed.

Iran in a way is distinct in the Middle East because women can pursue higher education, are permitted to drive, make a living, unlike Saudi Arabia where women lead a repressed life.

But in Iran they are free to go out on their own, drive their own vehicles, or even take taxis driven by men if they like, but of course most of them prefer women taxi drivers.

Would this be a sign of greater democracy for women in Iran? It definitely is considering that women don’t sit at home and are given the freedom to explore fields which are otherwise male dominated.

A service like this creates a safer travel environment for women, who otherwise would be wary of traveling alone in a cab with an unknown guy driving.

You must watch the video below to get an idea of how liberated women are in Iran. It kind of shuns away all the myth about Middle East women not being given equal rights.

Besides that they can also earn a livelihood, like lot of war widows and divorcees are drivers, in a profession which is generally considered to be a man’s domain around the world. Women drivers are also given lessons in basic car maintenance and on essentials like how to change a tyre.

“Women drivers are more careful, they follow the regulations, I can personally communicate with them easily,” said a young Iranian woman who uses this service. It is a very interesting concept in Middle East, where otherwise women rights are generally very restricted.

In the last 2 years the taxi service has grown to accommodate 2500 passengers daily, much to the envy of male drivers, who have been driving for long and are finding it difficult to come to terms with this concept.

Tehran is also the only place in the Middle East to have female fire-fighters. It is far more liberal place for women then actually portrayed. Cheers to woman power!

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Female taxi drivers in Iran

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