Making Sculptures with Forks


Fork sculpture by Dan AlexandruDan Alexandru does something which not many people would have thought of, bending forks to make some amazing sculptures.

If you have a look at his work, it will not only leave you totally stunned, but would also make you want to bend the fork, instead of eating with it.

Many artists have transformed items used for consumption into an expression of their artistic ability. Forks definitely make some weird, intriguing shapes. I guess that’s what art is all about, making the most out of nothing.

This one looks like two Samurais having a sword fight. Alexandru has explored the plastic potential in a fork with imagination and aesthetic sense. Innovative sculptures This one looks like an extra-terrestrial creature. I find it equally bizarre and very interesting. You sure need to bend the fork with soft hands, and it just happens. Sculpture of an extra-terrestrial creature Art sculptures made from innovative objects This one is my favorite, here Alexandru has used different-sized forks to create a man rolling his fishing rope after catching a huge fish. Sculpture of a man catching a fish Twisted and fully bent fork sculpture, it looks like a seven-legged creature. Fork bending and twisting by Dan Alexandru

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Dan Alexandru: Sculpting with forks

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