Artist Uses Hubcaps to Make Sculptures

Mirror Carp artwork by Ptolemy from hub caps An unusual form of art made out of lost hubcaps, generally found on the side of the road, and carefully crafted into amazing creatures. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

That’s what artist Ptolemy Elrington does full time. He has made some crazy stuff out of wheel covers and hubcaps, sculptures of fish, dolphins, dogs and dragons out of all kinds of hubcaps – of a BMW, Mercedes or from Ford and Volvo.

When I saw these pictures, I was absolutely amazed, Ptolemy has churned out remarkable work. He has made these creatures entirely out of recycled items. Dog sculpture made from hub caps by Ptolemy The artist fixes the caps together using wire collected from scrap yards and cuts them with a craft knife and hacksaw. Ptolemy remarks, “I like to work with reclaimed materials to show that what is one person’s junk is another man’s treasure” “I started collecting hubcaps from a ditch at the side of the road and planned to turn them into a suit of armour…” Shark sculpture made from Ford hub cap He has a stock of 500 hubcaps and for each model the artists uses anything from ten to 200 caps. Frilled lizard made from hub caps and wheel covers The longest Ptolemy’s taken to build a sculpture was of a dragon, which took him a month. He used 200 hubcaps and it was 10m long. Caps of top brands like BMW and Mercedes are easy to bend. Dragon creative artwork hub caps Viper fish lying on the seaside, the sculpture goes well with the surroundings. Viper fish sculpture A well-crafted owl, you can see the BMW logo below his eyes. Owl sculpture made from hub caps
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The artist who makes sculptures out of old hubcaps

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