The Artistic Side of Adolf Hitler

Painting of Adolf HitlerIt was news to me, probably because history was never my favorite subject in school. But reading about the artistic side of the German dictator Adolf Hitler was quite interesting.

Art was one of Hitler’s major interest, he even tried to make a living as an artist before his rise to power. But Hitler never succeeded, no wonder this aspect of the Nazi ruler goes unnoticed.

Hitler began by painting simple landscapes then he started to imitate scenic postcards, and he use to sell them too, mostly to tourists.

His paintings might not be extraordinary, but when you see the change that followed in his personality from being an aspiring artist to lord of war, its absolutely fascinating. Vienna painting by Adolf Hitler Hitler moved to Vienna when he was 18 with the hope and dream of becoming an artist. He use to stand for hours staring at the grand buildings in Vienna, ponder over how to make them better, see operas and read papers with anti-semitic ideas. Stone arch painting by Adolf Hitler Hitler appeared for the admission test for an art academy, but failed. Disappointed he went to the academy to get an explanation and was told his drawings were unsatisfactory and lacked appreciation of the human form. Art by Hitler, the Nazi leader With the help of a friend he started selling his drawings to tourists, and earned a meagre living from them. He appeared again for the admission test and failed this time too. Castle painting by Hitler So feeling rejected and depressed, Hitler left Vienna to return home and in 1934 he became lord of the war.
Paintings of Vienna by Hitler I wonder what would have become of him if he got through the art academy? History would have been rewritten then! What do you think of his paintings?

Image Source:

An almost unknown artist

Pictures from the Life of the Führer

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The Artistic Side of Adolf Hitler

It was news to me, probably because history was never my favorite subject in school. But reading about the artistic side of the German...

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