A Fantastic Planet, La Planète Sauvage

A Fantastic PlanetThe English and French title for an animated science fiction film that was made in 1973, and the entire film is available on YouTube.

Let me take you through a little bit of what the movie is about and what you can gain from it! The movie takes you to a new planet where Humans, called Oms in this film is not the supreme species.

We are kept as pets by the Draags on this planet, filled with fascinating creatures and environments. There are wild oms and domesticated oms, the draags are highly evolved, they can meditate to dematerialize and reform. They communicate telepathically, feed without killing and have highly advanced technology.

Draag CreatureThe start of the movie involves a very dramatic scene that unfolds the story of a little human boy, how he grows up in the Draag environment and how he leads the Oms to their freedom! The animation and sounds in this movie are amazingly synchronized to create surreal effects that take you through a lovely journey bending time, space and reality. The story also depicts human nature very accurately, superstitions versus knowledge and some incredibly beautiful customs.

The concept of what can be achieved via meditation is also fascinating, we do hope you enjoy the fantastic planet! Get a glimpse of the movie below –

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A Psychonaut who believes that humans have tremendous unharnessed powers within. To be immersed in the boundless gifts of nature and being self-sufficient is my Ikigai. With years of web tech experience, I founded and maintain Fractal Enlightenment.


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