Innovative Mosaic Art by Saimir Strati


Mosaic art made from nails by Saimir StratiAn artist hammering nearly 400 kilos of nails into a wooden surface, sounds like tedious work, and the outcome was a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci. Saimir Strati, an Albanian artist, is known for using such bizarre materials and techniques to make gigantic mosaic art pieces.

Mosaic is an ancient art where images are created using small pieces of colored glass, stone or other material. Strati uses the same old techniques but with new, modern materials.

Strati has also used toothpicks, corks, sea glass, eggshells, compact discs, coffee beans, porcelain and mirror glass. Some of his mosaic creation has also made into the Guinness World Record. You will definitely be stunned seeing the amount of work he puts into his mosaics, its not only the materials but also the enormity of the task that amazes me. Strati begins to hammer nails on the outline drawn on the wood, the poster of Da Vinci is kept on the right, and seeing that the artist goes about putting each nail. Saimir Strati mosaic artist art workNow the work begins to make sense. Strati hammering nails, making Da Vinci portraitDa Vinci’s portrait is almost ready, after hours of labour and it entered the Guiness World Record in 2006 as the biggest Mosaic made with nails in the world. Mosaic art of Da Vinci made by Strati Strati has done similar work using toohtpicks as well. Here you can see Strati affixing toothpicks one by one, and any guesses on how many he used to complete this horse? Saimir Strati's toothpick horse mosaic art He used total of 1.5 million toothpicks and worked 40 days to finish this, and yet again he entered the Guiness World Records as the ‘World’s Largest Toothpick Mosaic’ in 2007. Toothpick mosaic art The following year in September, Strati did it again, and this time it was even bigger and better. He glued 229,764 corks, that’s lot of wine, in 27 days to create the largest mosaic made of corks. Based on Mediterranean theme, Strati made ‘Romeo with a crown of grapes playing the guitar while dancing with the sea and the sun,’ it was 40 feet tall. Largest mosaic art

This video shows the entire process of making the cork mosaic, right from mounting of the first few corks to the final outcome!

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Nail Mosaic

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