This is us way back in 2009 a few years after Fractal Enlightenment was concieved.

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Bhavika & Clyde

Hey there, this is Bhavika and Clyde, the founders of Fractal Enlightenment, whose seeds were sown in 2006.
Experiences shape our reality and when those experiences are intense or profound they change the course of our life. These experiences were the foundation stone of Fractal Enlightenment.
Started in 2006, FE covers a gamut of subjects - spirituality, self-actualization, self-development, inspirational, wisdom, philosophy and much more that are close to our heart and resonates with more than a million readers from around the world.
We keep away from propaganda, new-age spiritual challenges or glamourise ancient art forms, our space is dedicated to helping you find solace in the unknown, walk your talk and discover the teacher within.Our paths have crossed for a reason and may you find what you are looking for!

" The people that work with us are as dedicated as we are. Here's the fractal family! "

Gary Z McGee

The FE Lifeline Writer

Gary has been writing for Fractal Enlightenment for a long long time. Its strange that it all started with a facebook comment and now he's like a jig saw piece that completes us. Gary is just awesome 🙂

Bhavika Jhaveri

Editor / Writer

Bhavika works with story ideas, edits and puts out the final articles here. She's also a certified kindergarten waldorf teacher which leaves her with limited time here. She does the best she can for what she considers her first baby.

Clyde Fernandes

Founder / Geek / SMO / Writer

Clyde started FE way back in 2006 and today works on the server, design, functioning and social media. When he gets a chance he churns out an article or two 🙂 If you need a website feel free to get in touch with him.

This magical Space

Fractal Enlightenment

Fractal Enlightenment took off in 2006 and over the years it has connected us with like-minded people through a gamut of subjects – inspiration, culture, spirituality, self-actualization, enlightening videos and a whole lot about life. We seek to achieve a unique, interesting and thought-provoking perspective to alter our pre programmed thinking.
From being a place to log our personal experiences and interests it has evolved to facilitate journeys into oneself and oneness.
Why Fractals?
We were inspired by fractals, also known as building blocks of god – the intricate self-similar patterns that forms a beautiful object and how its present all around us, the trees, flowers, clouds etc., are all inter-connected with the whole. Through this site we thrive to bring about a change even at a minute level and like a fractal it can turn out to be an impactful one.
On this journey we hope our readers continue to render support to make Fractal Enlightenment an inspiration for all and be part of this imminent change!

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