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Ambedkar on religion

The ‘Untouchables’ of Indian Society

India is on the brink of a massive change, but there are forces that are using religion as an opportunity in these volatile times. Recently I had encounters on certain social media pages that brought to light the common man’s rage due to the instability of the Indian economy, corruption and social injustice. This in turn is used to fuel up hatred towards the minority communities in the count... »


Kashmir, where are you Now? : Part 2

In the first part of Kashmir where are you now? we took a look at the trauma that the woman in Indian occupied Kashmir go through with rape cases. In this post we shall take a look at Half widows, what are half widows and their suffering. Many people mostly males and some of the rape victims end up disappearing, sometime huge graves are found where bodies have been buried to hide the evidence. So ... »


Kashmir, where are you Now? : Part 1

Kashmir, if there’s heaven on it they said its Shangrila in Kashmir, I have been deviating from this topic for a long time. Every India for some reason perhaps its what we are born and brought up with this inborn hatred towards Pakistan and that Kashmir is ours. We spend millions of our tax rupees to enforce law and order in Kashmir, as usual the main stream media does not cover issues that ... »

gulabi gang in India

Gulabi Gang Upholding Women’s Rights

Woman in India have been taken for granted, they have been physically and mentally abused in many sections and stratas of society. Today there are still so many problems like the ongoing rapes in Delhi, molestations of foreigners in certain parts of the country and not to forget incidents where the women were pulled out of clubs and beaten on the streets. Instead of depending on government bodies ... »

India, Where are We Heading?

Hello friends, especially if you belong to this part of the subcontinent and here in India. In the news we had heard of the center launching a spy satellite built by Israel, we heard of a major amount of weapons sourced and defense deals with Israel. A Muslim friend of mine, who observes Ramzan feels that its not a problem if the country trades billions of rupees for weapons with a country that ri... »

Getting Married, is it Arranged?

Getting Married, is it Arranged?

“My son is working with an MNC. Wheatish, smart, caring, family oriented, handsome, jovial and rational person respect all religion and traditional values. he is younger of my two sons. Our is a well settled family in Delhi, and originally we belong to Moradabad. My Job: He is working with MNC in Gurgaon as a Technical Support Coach. Looking for: Tall, good looking preferable working and fro... »

Does the Ban on Plastic Work in India?

Plastic thought to be a major toxic pollutant and non-biodegradable substance, has been banned from use, sale or storage by the Delhi government. The penalty if anyone is caught using poly­thene of any kind or thickness will face a fine up to Rs 100,000 or jailed for up to five years. This seems to be a positive move to salvage the environment and avoid clogging of drains and plastic debris scatte... »

India to get a New National Animal?

The tiger the national animal of India, is suppose to evoke patriotic feelings is now bringing in nothing but agony. According to a census in February 2008 the number has fallen to 1,411, down from 3,642 in the last major survey in 2002. Bhavika had done an article on how India’s pride the Tiger is disappearing fast. The situation is dire, even though the central government has allocated a s... »

The Ugly Side of the Indian Army

When we come across rape and molestation cases in newspapers, it so often gets ignored or overlooked because we take it as daily occurrence in our society. Rarely do we spare few moments to think about the trauma or the despair the victim is going through. Sometimes people involved in these acts of crime are the ones who are supposed to protect us and not destroy us. I am talking about the Indian ... »


Gharats, Cheap Sustainable Energy in India

When we were travelling from Joshimath to Gobindghat in Uttaranchal we passed by the construction of the Tehri Dam by the Vishnu Prayag Power Project. We were awe struck by the size of it, its the tallest dam in Asia and the fourth tallest rock-filled dam in the world sprawling over an area of 45 sq. kms. So you can imagine a site like that, we were in a moving bus and this is one of the developme... »