About Bhavika

The one question that has always bothered me is who I am? As per the labels given by society – I am a mother, wife, daughter, former journalist, blogger, traveler, aspiring yogini, adventure seeker and a nature lover. Without any of these labels and without any spiritual jargon, this is how the story goes.

Experiences is what shapes us and makes you the person you are in this moment. One of the biggest life-changing moment I experienced was the death of my father when I was 17. Something inside me changed as I struggled for a long time to come to terms with reality initially; creating a protective bubble around me. Telling false stories to friends about my father being alive, I bottled up all the emotions and dumped it in a corner of my heart. Until a moment arrived when things begin to change.

The bottle opened up slowly as the emotions of sadness and grief were replaced by that of vulnerability and transformed into love and hope. It was a long and steady process, definitely longer than this sentence, but some where during this journey, Fractal Enlightenment was born.

Being a travel junkie, I decided to blog about my journeys. As I started to explore the deeper realms of my own consciousness, the site also started to reflect the same. I became more aware and connected to all things. It was a constant learning experience as I knew this was my calling.

We’ve come a long way since then, and challenges has always been the order of the day. Running the site is like a full time job in itself. Besides, I am learning the art of striking a balance between work and family life (we have two beautiful boys and a girl – 12 & 7 year old boys and the girl is under 2 years old). At the moment I spent a lot of time nurturing the new being in our lives, so work takes a back seat at times.

I grab the opportunity to work when I get the chance to. I look after all the content that goes up on the site, do research for new story ideas, marketing on social media platforms and write when I am not doing any of the above.

At the moment I am a little out of sync and waiting for the post natal hormonal changes to stabilise. A work in progress I would say, still uncovering my inner demons. Thank you for all the support and the positive vibes, it wouldn’t have been possible to come so far if not for you! Namaste.

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