About Us

Bhavika & Clyde

Hey there, this is Bhavika and Clyde, and we brought Fractal Enlightenment to life way back in 2006.
Our experiences shape our reality and when those experiences are intense or profound they change the course of our life. These experiences were the building blocks of Fractal Enlightenment.
Our paths intersected at our PGD course in Journalism and Mass Communication, this was around two decades ago, both two very different people from who we are now.
Bhavika intially couldn't handle Clyde's humor and disliked him, today after after over 15 years of being together we are blessed with two lovely children who again are helping us breaking generational patterns when it comes to parenting.
When we started Fractal Enlightenment we used to cover some topics that revolved around us, aptly the url of the blog was "The World as We Know It" with the name "Fractal Enlightenment".
Apart from being certified Journalists, Bhavika is a Certified Early Childhood Waldorf Educator, Clyde is a Techie and Builds Websites for People and Manages a Bunch of them, we both love gardening and growing as much as can to eat.
We love Travel, Music, Reading and have so many more lables to add to the list but it still won't define the essence of what we truly are. But here in this sacred space of us, each post will help you understand us and yourself even better!
Our paths have crossed for a reason and may you find what you are looking for!
<3 Bhavika & Clyde

The Fractal Family

This is quite a recent picture of us, taken from a mobile besides a bonfire on a cold winter night. Some of the finest pleasures of life are the simplest ones 🙂