About Clyde

clyde_fernandes_fractal_enlightenmentFractal Enlightenment was born when I began to see the patterns and connect with the source energy at the peak of my psychedelic experimentation in my early 20’s.

Before that I was a staunch atheist, born and brought up in a deeply religious Roman Catholic family; my path has not been easy. But as they say, those whose lives are the hardest have the highest calling.

Perhaps that’s true and it seems to be, I have been suffering from Asthma since my childhood, I’ve been paralyzed from hand to toe and I’ve dealt with innumerable demons within. What I was in 2006 isn’t what I am today, my transformational journey is similar to that of this website.

From a tiny blog we’re now a full-fledged site that produces quality content thanks to both Bhavika and my journalistic backgrounds. My support system has been Bhavika who took the plunge to get FE where it is today along with the writers and you are the ones to help keep this boat afloat.

Perhaps your image of a founder may be of somebody sitting in a cushy recliner giving orders but let me take a moment to tell you what I am. I work from my car for four hours a day, while I drive for more than 2 hours to educate my son in a holistic school.

My work on FE is not limited to just writing, I switch between personalities with a blink of an eye. I start with Father, Driver, Writer, Technical, Web Engineer, WordPress Guy, Social Media Manager, Strategist, Photographer, Husband and a Chef too at times.

I have put together the site with my technical knowledge that I have gained by working on the site, I handle not only the front end but also the back-end operations. I envision the future and implement the ideas that float into my head, sometimes things come to me in my night meditation.

It isn’t easy to balance family and work especially when you don’t have a room to lock yourself into and work. We don’t have an office, or any large set up. We’re more of a family that has brought Fractal Enlightenment to life, thank you for being here and for your continuous support!

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