About Fractal Enlightenment

Fractal Enlightenment took off in 2006 and over the years it has connected us with like-minded people through a gamut of subjects – spirituality, self-development, self-actualization, conscious parenting, meditation, yoga and life.

Our purpose in life has been to seek a unique, interesting and thought-provoking perspective to alter our programmed thinking and this is what Fractal Enlightenment reflects.

From being a place to log our personal experiences and interests it has evolved to facilitate journeys on difficult paths of life. Our journey with Fractal Enlightenment has been a roller coaster ride. It helped us quit our hectic corporate jobs, move out of the big city and lead a simple life in the midst of nature, giving us the time to connect with ourselves and lead a more wholesome existence.

Unfortunately for lack of better education for our children we moved back to the outskirts of a smaller city where we can still have a bit of nature as well, but we’re contemplating making better choices 😀

What does Fractal Enlightenment Mean?

Fractals are self replicating self similar patterns that are found everywhere around us, the universe and especially in nature. Fractals, are also known as building blocks of god – these self-similar patterns form beautiful objects and art. The trees, flowers, clouds etc. all are part of a fractal geometric system that are all inter-connected with the whole.

Enlightenment is a state of being, a state of higher consciousness that is an endless quest for us. The name Fractal Enlightenment to us means small doses of enlightenment that shall be repeated till infinity to remind us of who we truly are.

Through Fractal Enlightenment we hope to bring about a minute positive change and like a fractal keep reinforcing them till we have enough ripples spreading love in every direction.

Fractal Enlightenment Today

With over a million subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and thousands who receive our newsletters, we’re quite a rage 😉 We also put out a lot of quotes that help people get through their day.

With over 1500 impactful articles and soon a 100 exclusive for members, we’re curating soul content in our bid to make this world a better place for everyone.

On this journey we have to thank you for supporting us through the ups and downs of life. Together we make Fractal Enlightenment an inspiration for all, thank you for being part of this change!

From the Founders,
<3 Bhavika & Clyde