About Fractal Enlightenment

fractal_enlightenment_newsletter_logoFractal Enlightenment took off in 2006 and over the years it has connected us with like-minded people through a gamut of subjects – art, culture, spirituality, sustainability, enlightening videos and photography. We seek to achieve a unique, interesting and thought-provoking perspective to alter our programmed thinking.

It can rightly be called ‘the blog that started it all’ – from being a place to log our personal experiences and interests it has evolved to facilitate journeys into oneself and oneness. Fractal Enlightenment helped us quit our hectic corporate jobs, move out of the big city and lead a simple life in the midst of nature. It has given us the time to connect with oneself and to lead a more wholesome existence.

Why Fractals?

We were inspired by fractals, also known as building blocks of god – the intricate self-similar patterns that forms a beautiful object and how its present all around us, the trees, flowers, clouds etc., are all inter-connected with the whole. Through this site we thrive to bring about a change even at a minute level and like a fractal it can turn out to be an impactful one.

On this journey we hope our readers continue to render support to make Fractal Enlightenment an inspiration for all and be part of this imminent change!

<3 Bhavika & Clyde