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Spirit of the Plants

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.” ~ Erma Bombeck

Some scientist say plants can communicate, co-operate and even wage a war with other plants! Plants scream when they are cut, some even cry in pain and this is just a small part of their conscious life.

every plant has a spiritIt has been proved that plants even interact with humans on different levels. A person who waters and cares for them enters the room the plants feel less stress as compared to someone who plucks their leaves, their stress levels are known to go up.

Even on other levels of life, there is profound consciousness or awareness that bonds all things together. The Secret Life of Plants is a fascinating account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual relations between plants and man.

Essentially, the subject of the film is the idea that plants may be sentient, despite their lack of a nervous system and a brain. This sentience is observed primarily through changes in the plant’s conductivity, as through a polygraph, pioneered by Cleve Backster.

“I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.” ~ David Hobson

We’ve all heard stories of plants responding to positive attention from humans. Botanists have discovered amazing behavior in some plant species, but what could it mean?

Lets take a look at what this short video on “Plant Intelligence” has to offer.

We don’t often associate a term like “behavior” with plants, but experimental plant ecologist JC Cahill wants to change that. The University of Alberta professor maintains that plants do behave and lead anything but solitary and sedentary lives. “They’re actively engaging with the environment in which they live,” Cahill insists.

“They actively communicate. They actively respond to the nutrients, and the predators, and the herbivores that are around them. It’s a really dynamic system.” By exploring the fascinating behaviors of plant life, including the dodder vine, wild tobacco plant, and Douglas fir, “What Plants Talk About” teaches us that plants are smarter and much more interactive than we could ever imagine!

So when it comes down to it? What do we eat, people opt to choose plants over animals because they don’t hear the screams or see the pain the animals go through.

The best way forward is perhaps to be thankful for all that the universe provides and be mindful about what you consume.

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Plant Spirit

A Psychonaut who believes that humans have tremendous unharnessed powers within. To be immersed in the boundless gifts of nature and being self-sufficient is my Ikigai. With years of web tech experience, I founded and maintain Fractal Enlightenment.


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Karthik Reddy

great! I liked this post

Luzette Pressley

Very interesting, plants with spirits? what do we eat now??

Christine Darbyson

The “Ringing Cedars SERIES” offers many answers to these questions…

Stacey Harding

Plants odviosly are a light being and derive therentelegance on a celar base

sanjay jogdand

Few years back I planted a mango seed,shoot became 4/5 feet.While watering it daily and washing its leaves daily I felt some extra aroma around the plant, now I realise that it was in gratitude by the plant for my care!!!

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