Mark Golding: Creating Art that Heals

Sacred Geometry has been a subject of interest to us, so when we stumbled upon Mark Golding’s work which integrates Mandalas and the principles of Sacred Geometry to bring about healing, he caught our attention.
moreno the encounter symbol
Mark has been a meditation teacher for around eighteen years, but only recently started drawing healing mandalas, after a life changing experience where Mark considers himself reborn.

Apart from a pair of compasses, and two triangles that are used to create an initial segmented circle, all the pen work and illumination is entirely freehand. Mark reckons his best tool is ‘a still mind’.

Here’s an excerpt from Mark’s story of redemption, hope, fear, healing and impossibility.

“I’m back in the woods for another walk, this time I’m feeling really low, sad, helpless and I’m crying. I leave the woods and wander up into one of the surrounding meadows, find a clear open space and I sit upon a small hillock, with my head in my hands, and I cry, and cry, and cry.

From my despair I am aware of a presence around me, I look up, and 6 horses have wandered and gathered around me, looking into my soul, with understanding and empathy for my sorrow.

Two of the horses walk slowly towards me, one brown, one black, and press their noses upon my cheeks, and they breathe me. Their breath becomes my breath, and we 3 breathe together, as they heal me, as they understand my sorrow.

And for moments I can speak horse. From mind to mind we share communication, and they ease my suffering. This is a unique and magical moment in my life, and a crossroads in my recovery. We share common experiences of love, pain and suffering in a communion of souls, a communion that knows none of the parameters of conventional understanding and this breaks down a barrier within my soul, that had hitherto separated me, Mark the human being, from the majesty and unity of the animal kingdom.”

You can read his entire experience here.

What drew me to his art is the calming feeling I got when I was browsing through them and knew I had to dig in deeper. So I asked Mark a few questions and here they are along with his response.

1) What drew you to sacred geometry?

I wished to explore the connection between aspects of the material world, and dive into and beyond the molecular structures of the elements – the revelation of the appearance of sacred geometry naturally arose, I was not seeking it.

I am now tending towards a more evolved understanding that I call ‘organic sacred geometry’ that departs from the principle ‘the shortest distance between two points is a straight line’, recognising the acceleration found in curvature of vortices.

2) Where did you learn the art and principles of mandala making?

I was initiated into the Highest Yoga Tantra practices of Vajrayogini and Heruka of Tibetan Buddhism around 20 years ago, with the instructions that the Mandala was to be created primarily within the mind, and then in the world. This is what we see manifest when the ‘Sand Mandalas’ are created by monks, and then allowed to be washed away by the sea…

My mandalas are such representations – signposts to inner peace; an outer reflection of my inner experience.

marks healing mandalas3) Why do you call your work healing magic?

I consider that visual art has the capacity to initiate healing. Just as sound, smell, taste and touch are used in the healing therapies, I wish to introduce the sense of sight as such a potential.

Early science and magic were considered to be two aspects that worked in union, in an alchemical sense, and today, as the scientific and metaphysical draw ever closer we are seeing the division between magic and science dissolve.

My theory concerning the science of my art is explained here –

4) What are the tools and materials used for your creations?

I work in the paper sizes, A3, A2 and A1, and I draw upon a fine translucent paper, first outlining in soft pencil, to create the form and geometry, then I serve the outlines with both hard and soft coloured inks, and finally highlight with reflective, iridescent inks.the architecture of inner peace

My tools are a pair of compasses, and two triangles that I use to create an initial segmented circle. All the penwork and illumination is entirely freehand.

the architecture of inner peace
The Architecture of Inner Peace ~ To manifest a temple within the mind. A contemplative diary through my creative engagement process, of both flow and non-duality. Uplifting and radiant, these drawings are intended as preparations for the spiritual path.

5) What made you do a guided meditation, will there be more?

I have taught meditation for around 18 years, having trained in formal teaching practice for 13 years. This preparatory breathing meditation was recorded a few years ago to share online, and I’m presently considering the potential of creating a new series of meditation/visualisation tools, called ‘The Architecture of Inner Peace‘.

You can check out the entire set of preparatory drawings of the Architecture of Inner Peace here!

6) I saw some of your work related to particular emotions or thoughts, how do these mandalas connect with these? Also if you could explain some of your work, (The Alala Bird – Radiates Love, Wisdom and Compassion, The Seventh Moon Cycle – Fierce Love: Embracing All Things)

In part, this is explained above in the link I shared above, theory/science… I think that by feeling my emotions, clearly and directly, I am able to ‘reverse engineer’ my experience, and thus represent the feeling/experience in a manner that is communicated through the visual medium, the eyes…

Conveying a mood, feeling or experience, in a very considered manner – almost like playing the 127 million pixel matrix of the retina, as a pianist plays the variations of keys in chord and harmonic sequences to convey moods such as happiness, tranquility, etc.

We tend to save the best for last, here’s Mark’s guided mediation. Do let us know what you think of Mark’s work. Thank you 🙂

Please share, it really helps! :) <3

A Psychonaut who believes that humans have tremendous unharnessed powers within. To be immersed in the boundless gifts of nature and being self-sufficient is my Ikigai. With years of web tech experience, I founded and maintain Fractal Enlightenment.


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