Surrender: When Free Will Converges with Universal Will

“In total surrender of the ego, the transformation of our vibration unfolds by itself to levels far beyond our imagination” ~ Annette Duveroth

It is often discussed whether or not destiny and fate are real, or if we come here with complete free will to create our life however we choose. Technically we can see the evidence of both. We hear stories of how people were in the right place at the right time to discover someone or something that completely changed their life.

surrender to the flow of the universePeople have dreams or premonitions of instances before they happen, which can only lead us to believe that some circumstances are fated to occur. On the other side of the coin, we see people who waste their entire lives on an addiction or in a dysfunctional relationship only to just grow older, get sicker and eventually just die, which leads to the question, “Was that really their destiny?”

Couldn’t a few better choices in their life have led them down a path that would have eventually led them to a happier and more fulfilling life? In these instances, we have to assume that the individual person’s exercise of their free will led them to make a series of unconscious choices which ultimately led to their demise.
So on one hand we can see that there is a will of the Universe which is more commonly known as fate or destiny. The will of the Universe is the best possible case scenario of our lives that will lead exactly to the life we have always wanted and probably better than we can ever have imagined, but there is also free will.

Through free will we can make choices that are motivated more by fear and less by love which will lead us farther and farther away from the plan that the Universe has for us. So how do we marry the two? How can we make our free will match up with the will of the Universe and straight into our “best case scenario” life?

surrender“Transformation happens on the other side of surrender” ~ Unknown

The concept of surrender is often hard for the human ego to grasp. It can’t possibly comprehend how it will go about creating the life it wants while at the same time surrendering to the unknown (fate of the Universe).

The fear or attachment to outcomes makes it constantly think it needs to control and manipulate circumstances so that it can always be “involved” and “in control” of all decision making and that maintains its relevance or illusion of relevance in our psyche.

However, it is this constant attachment to how we want things to happen that actually prevents the will of the Universe from being able to manifest. Attachment stems from fear. In terms of energy, attachment causes us to contract, to be closed off and also causes blockages in our energy field which prevent the flow of universe from being able to move to and through us.

Surrender is based in love. Outside of the ego in our true selves, we are just love. It is only our ego that causes us to believe that we need to seek outside of us for what we already are.

The more conscious we become we start to resonate in this loving space more and recognize it as the real “us” instead of all the fearful thought forms and beliefs that are floating through our minds on any given day.

When we completely surrender to whatever the Universe presents us in terms of our external reality, we start not only making conscious choices (choices motivated by love instead of fear) but we allow the will of the Universe to take over our lives which means we don’t have to worry and stress about having absolute and complete control of every situation which becomes a huge relief.

Doesn’t it sound nice to be able to relinquish a little bit of the constant worrying our minds throw at us and instead surrender our burdens to an intelligence that is much higher and greater than our own?

When we are able to surrender and trust this higher intelligence we allow destiny and fate to be more prevalent in our lives which usually pops up in the form of “synchronicities” or more commonly known as “coincidence”. When we see lots of synchronicity in our lives we can be assured that our will is starting to match up with the will of the Universe.

“The goal of life is to match your heartbeat to the beat of the Universe” ~ Joseph Campbell

In our complete and utter trust, faith and surrender of our “plan” to the plan of a higher intelligence we will most assuredly see that there is a life that is waiting for us that is above and beyond anything we could have planned for ourselves. Patience is also the key.
Along the way we can always look for the signs. The signs and synchronicities are everywhere. They come in forms of other people, books you read, something someone says on tv or through music, and they remind us that we are on track.

Also, if we focus on each decision that is presented to us throughout our day and simplify it down to whether our choice is motivated by love or by fear it makes it a little easier when deciding what to do.

Love will always bring us closer to our best selves and ultimately to our best case scenario life. The more rooted in love we become, the more conscious our choices, which means the more we can let go, stop controlling and start giving over to the higher intelligence.

At this higher level of consciousness beyond any preconceived notions and plans of how we want things to go, we converge our “free will” with the will of the universe which ultimately leads us to a good life.

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Floating Fairytale
Divine will
Letting go

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