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There will be a Time, That we’ll be Afraid of Welcoming People into our Lives

The Fear Of Getting Attached
There will be a time, that we’ll be afraid of welcoming people into our lives. We’ll be scared of letting people in and get attached with them. The reason is our fear of suffering the pain of letting go. And the first and the most basic thing that we’ll think of doing to protect ourselves is to stay away from the people we’re afraid of getting attached- which is so hard because it is equivalent to avoiding the privilege of becoming happy. And there’s a thing that will worsen it; we will be caught in the middle of choosing which pain to endure; which pain can we stand better- the pain caused by unhappiness and loneliness, or the pain that we know, nobody will ever ve strong enough to stand against it- the pain of letting go.
~ Jerico Silvers

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