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All our plans are created to give you a more mindful experience on Fractal Enlightenment. Once you become a premium member there will be no ads to distract you while you soak in the goodness we put forth. Premium members can access exclusive content that is updated regularly.

But more than getting perks we hope to have had a positive influence in your lives, this is how we believe we can actually change the world. By touching one human at a time we hope to create ripples of positivity worldwide.

Help us sustain this mission and keep shining our light, you can choose to pay from $4.99 a month to $129 for 3 years. Personally I do not recommend the Julia Set as it works out more expensive for you in the long run. If you feel the Mandelbrot is too expensive i’ll send you a 10% coupon if you contact me via facebook or email.

Your money will help support the Fractal Enlightenment team and help us create even more content for you <3 and implement new features across the site. We would also like to branch into new content segments with your support.

We work hard to keep this site afloat while balancing time for our two young children and have a minimalistic lifestyle. Thank you for caring!

Julia Set


Valid for 1 Month

Instant Access to 10 Premium Articles

(Access to 1 New Premium Article Every 5 Days from the 15th Day of Signup)

$4.99 per month
Mandelbrot Set


One Free Professional Tarot Card Reading

Valid for 1 Year

Instant Access to All Premium Content

You save approx $10

$49.99 per year
Buddhabrot Set


Two Free Professional Tarot Card Readings

Valid for 3 Years

Instant Access to All Premium Content

You Save Approx $20

only $129.99