11 Signs You Were Born To Be a Spiritual Healer

Do you often feel like you don’t belong in this world – like you are somehow isolated or too different to fit in? Do you go through difficulties that seemed overwhelming at that time, yet you feel they were preparing you for your life’s purpose?

You may have been born to be a spiritual healer, and the Universe was preparing you for this beautiful role your entire life. People who are born to be spiritual healers often don’t live easy and fulfilling lives until a certain age.

The Universe keeps giving them obstacle after obstacle to prepare them for the difficult, yet beautiful role of a Spiritual Healer.

Thus, if you have lived a difficult, rather misunderstood life, and you have always felt different than the rest of the people, yet you felt a calling toward the spiritual path of life, you may be an innate spiritual healer.

In this article, I am going to explain what a spiritual healer is, what the purpose of one is and how to know that you are born to be a spiritual healer.

What is a Spiritual Healer?

Spiritual healing is perhaps the most powerful form of healing that exists because it brings to the surface the real cause of an illness or an imbalance – it doesn’t just treat the symptom. All illnesses and imbalances from the physical, mental or emotional plane have a spiritual/energetical cause first – before becoming physical illnesses.

For real healing to occur, a person must understand and heal the spiritual cause of their health problem, otherwise, they are just healing a symptom, not the real cause of the problem, and thus, it could reappear.

Even though in the western society when people fall sick they go to see a doctor first (and I’m not saying that is bad) they should also see what is the spiritual cause of their health problem (and this includes emotional and mental health as well), in order to have a more profound, powerful healing process.

Thus, a spiritual healer is someone who was born with the Divine Mission of healing people spiritually and energetically, helping them get rid of the main causes of their diseases for good, and also helping them evolve on their spiritual path.

Also, a Spiritual Healer is usually an old soul – a soul who has lived through many different incarnations through which it has acquired a lot of knowledge, but also a lot of karma.

Old souls usually have amazing Spiritual gifts, but they can also have heavy karma to pay, because as an old soul you’ve also made many mistakes.

Even though Spiritual Healers play an important role in healing humanity, their path is usually not an easy one. Sometimes they go through years of difficulties, health problems, and all sorts of issues, in order to develop the empathy they need to heal others and to acquire the real skills of a Spiritual Healer.

11 Signs you were born to be a Spiritual Healer

If by this point you think you could be an innate Spiritual Healer, have a look at the following most common signs that you are one:

1. You have gone through amazingly difficult obstacles and have overcome them

Most spiritual healers have to go through difficult obstacles themselves, before being able to embrace their role as a healer. That is why the Universe puts the people who have a Divine Mission as a healer through all sorts of difficult tests and situations.

Most spiritual healers have amazing stories to tell about the times when they were going through obstacles so difficult that they thought they would never overcome them. Yet, they did eventually find a problem resolution and found their way out – because innate Spiritual Healers also have very good problem-solving skills.

Without their problem-solving skills, they would never be able to help others see the light at the end of the tunnel. These obstacles can be anything from childhood trauma, to lack of money, shelter, abuse, violence, physical & mental illness, etc.

The path of each healer is different, and each goes through whatever he/she has to go to grow and develop as a healer.

2. You have been through depression or anxiety

Depression and anxiety are the main battles for each Spiritual Healer. When you are experiencing depression or anxiety – although they usually go hand in hand, from a spiritual point of view it means that you are disconnected from the Divine Source.

That is because depression and anxiety are characterized by a feeling of hopelessness, which a person can only feel when they are disconnected from the Source. When a person is connected to the Source they know that they are safe and divinely guided at all times.

However, these dark times are quite normal for most people, and especially for innate Spiritual Healers, because by learning to connect themselves back to the Source and heal from depression and anxiety, they learn how to heal others as well.

Also, by understanding how bad it feels to suffer from mental health problems, they develop the empathy they need in order to fulfill their role as Spiritual Healers.

3. You’ve always felt like you don’t belong

Usually, Spiritual Healers are beings who came on Earth from Higher Dimensions, because they still have karma to pay or to learn some lessons – or simply to fulfill their mission as healers. Also, they tend to be quite sensitive to energy, so deep down they sense that they are not from Earth. This can lead to a strong feeling of not belonging and a strange sensation that something is wrong.

They can notice that they are different from other people – more spiritual, more sensitive, more focused on the spiritual side of life rather than material things, and so on. This can make them go through a sort of existential dread or existential crisis, strongly feeling that they do not belong here. A Spiritual Healer can sometimes also feel very lonely and disconnected, due to this strong feeling that they don’t belong.

4. You’re very sensitive to energy

Another strong sign that you are a spiritual healer is that ever since you’ve known yourself you’ve been very sensitive to energy. This includes the energy of other people, places, clothes, objects, books, etc. If you’re an innate Spiritual Healer, oftentimes you just look at a person or an object and you know a lot about them.

You can’t stay in places with a lot of negative energy for a long time, as it will start affecting you a lot worse than it is affecting other people- who may not even be sensing anything.

5. You’re drawn to all things spiritual

An important sign that you are born to be a Spiritual Healer is that you are drawn to all types of spirituality. As a Spiritual Healer, you need a good understanding of the spiritual and energetic side of life. Thus, in order to develop this understanding, you will feel attracted to all forms of spirituality – Reiki, karma, religion, yoga, meditations, etc.

The more types of spirituality you explore, the more you learn about healing and will be able to help people with various types of problems.

6. People share their most intimate secrets with you

As an innate Spiritual Healer, you will always radiate a powerful, healing, magnetic energy towards the people who need healing or who need a shoulder to cry on. People will naturally feel your empathy and will be drawn to share their secrets and problems with you.

They will intuitively know that their secrets are safe with you, and also that they are likely to receive good advice and guidance from you. If you were born to be a Spiritual Healer, oftentimes people will share their secrets and problems with you out of the blue – sometimes, even strangers.

7. Animals and children love you

If you were born to be a Spiritual Healer, children and animals will always be attracted to you and will seek your presence. Animals and children both have very developed intuition and they sense who will care for them, protect them and heal them when they need it.

In other words, animals and children sense the pure souls, the souls who are looking to offer healing, love, and protection rather than to do harm, and will seek their presence. If you have a special connection with animals and children, chances are that you were born to be a Spiritual Healer.

8. You need time in nature

As innate Spiritual Healers are quite sensitive to energies, they will always look for places where they can cleanse the negative energies off them. Spiritual Healers will crave to spend time in nature because nature helps them cleanse and heal, and nourishes their soul at a deeper level.

The Earth and water have the capacity to absorb negative energies from people, and fresh air makes you feel more energized and empowered. Thus, a Spiritual Healer will intuitively know that in order to cleanse and heal at a deeper level, they need time in nature.

9. You read others easily

As a Spiritual Healer, reading other people’s energy and intentions will be very easy for you. Before you were born, you were given a lot of spiritual gifts meant to help you understand people at the deepest level, because that’s the only way you can heal them.

Divinity has blessed you with the ability to read other people’s energy and intentions because this way you can really understand what is going on in someone’s heart and mind, in order to offer them the right guidance.

Of course, this ability will help you in your daily life, because you will be able to easily tell when someone’s actions don’t match their words or energy, and you will be very hard to fool or lie to.

10. You love helping others

If you were born to be a Spiritual Healer, you have always felt that helping others is your calling.

You like to take advantage of any opportunity to help that the Universe gives you, even the really small ones like letting your friend borrow the dress she really likes, buying someone a random cup of coffee, or feeding a stray cat.

Also, if you can’t be selfish and you don’t value material things as much as you value people and animals, then most likely you were born to be a Spiritual Healer.

11. You can’t stay mad at anyone

If you were born to be a Spiritual Healer, your empathy level is so high that you probably can’t stay mad at anyone for too long. Even if you are the one who has been wronged, after a while all your anger will pass and you will try to mend any friendship or relationship that ended badly.

If it cannot be mended anymore or if you can’t reach the person, you will just forgive them in your heart, because you understand everyone’s reason for doing anything. A true Spiritual Healer will often feel sorry for the person who abused them because they will know that karma will pay them back.

Thus, if you tend to forgive people very easily or you always want to make peace in every situation, you were definitely born to be a Spiritual Healer. If you were born to be a Spiritual Healer, your path probably hasn’t been easy.

You may have fought loneliness, depression, anxiety, illness, and the daunting feeling of not belonging and being misunderstood.

However, when you start understanding how powerful you are, and how you can use your knowledge in your favor, there will be no obstacle that you cannot overcome. And I promise you, as someone who is also born to be a Spiritual Healer, that there will be a time when the sun will shine on your street.

There will come a moment when you will understand the deeper meaning of everything around you and your story will finally make sense. When you will understand that everything you’ve been through has prepared you for who you were always meant to become.

The path of a Spiritual Healer is very difficult, but it becomes very beautiful once you start discovering how rewarding it can be to help people on their healing path.

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Alan Young
Alan Young
Alan Young is the founder of the blog Subconscious Servant, where he writes about spiritual topics. He loves reading and writing about all things spiritual because he believes that it can help people connect with their inner selves and live more meaningful lives. He is a firm believer in the power of mindfulness and meditation and thinks that they can help people achieve their goals and find true happiness.


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