Rediscovering the Goa Magic

People often remark in despair that Goa has lost its magic, even we did on our trip in 2007. Like a writer once said, “Its sold its soul to charter flights and overdevelopment.” But this time on our holiday to Goa we discovered parts which are still pristine and beautiful, untouched by group tourism and reminiscent of the good old Goa. Join us as we relive those ‘Susegad’ d... »

Its Siesta Time!

Its Siesta Time!

“We love having a siesta in the afternoon, its part of our Goan culture,” explains Clyde for catching forty winks virtually every afternoon, (I hope he doesn’t read this). Siesta, a Spanish word meaning a short nap after eating lunch, is actually an important part of cultures around the world including India. Probably after reading so much about siesta I shouldn’t stop him ... »

If Hippies Ruled the World…

If Hippies Ruled the World…

The hippie culture of the seventies was all about peace and love. It was spread all around the world, and am sure many people still would favour that, at a time when bomb blasts, political conflicts, have become a regular occurrence. Countries waging war, and fighting against terrorism for its own ulterior motive. Let’s consider a scenario, where instead of politicians we had hippies ruling ... »

Last Hippie Standing – The Documentary

Last Hippie Standing – The Documentary

I had read about it, heard about it, and now I got a glimpse of it when I watched ‘Last Hippie Standing,’ a 45-minute documentary on the psychedelic revolution that existed in Goa without any intervention of the government or media in the 60s and 70s. It took me on a different trip, of what was and what it is right now. This post is a tribute to Goa, that showed the way to many in the ... »

Goa, Goan to the Dogs!

We decided to embark on this journey with Goa, not knowing which places we would cover on this trip. Technically, it was our first trip outside Maharashtra and a long one too, so we both were quite thrilled about the whole thing. We would get to spend some quality time together and visit places too. Our route was Mumbai-Goa-Gokarna–Hampi-Mumbai and we would take you through our day-to-day jo... »

Star Gazing at Gokarna

January 14 – Goa to Gokarna Room fare (for checking out after 10 am) – Rs 100Breakfast at a shack in Anjuna – Rs 200Bus to Mapusa – Rs 20Rickshaw to Panjim – Rs 120Bus from Panjim to Karwar – Rs 92Snacks – Rs 49Rickshaw from Karwar to Gokarna – Rs 550Gokarna to Om Beach – Rs 150Stayed overnight on the beach for free…haha The next morning we checked out at 12, the check out was 11. The guy wh... »

The Best Beaches in India

Forbes.com, the financial and business portal, has listed the best beaches in India. Well I don’t quite agree with some of their selection, because it includes the most crowded and ugly beaches in the country. Here’s the Forbes list of best beaches in India – Chowpatty– Juhu– Goa– Marari– Marina– Varkala– Kovalam– Andaman and Nicobar Islands While I ... »

A Walk on the Seabed in Goa

Hippie culture has always fascinated me and my previous visits to Goa, a haven for bohemian raves, have usually revolved around parties, psy trance, sun, sea and sand. But this time, my trip was not about being on Goan sands but rather under its waters. I was invited to go for a walk on the sea bed at the picturesque Baina Beach near Vasco, a red light area at one time. This ‘sea walk’ sounded com... »