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Orthomolecular Treatment of Schizophrenia

The medical system of today’s date would rather have patients sick than recover from their illness so that they could reap more returns. But all the apples in the basket are not rotten, here we have Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, RNCP (Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner) who is the founder of The Orthomolecular Vitamin Information Centre.

citrus a source of vitamin c
Schizophrenics lack the ability to remove a hallucinogenic metabolite adrenochrome from their brains and Hoffer could decrease the concentration of adrenochrome in the brain by using vitamin C

In this enlightening video Dr. Abram Hoffer speaks about todays medical system and how a treatment strategy that uses megadoses of vitamins B-3 and C in conjunction with correct nutrition to treat Schizophrenia. This orthomolecular treatment yields a 90% recovery rate in acute cases and up to 50% in chronic patients.

Let’s hear what the doc has to say.

Thanks to encognitive for the video and transcript! We have to let the public know exactly what is happening. Because right now, they don’t know.

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Melissa Brooke

Who would you go to in order to have this treatment done? What person would do this for someone suffering with this condition?

Dakota Blue

This video has no sound

vis a vic

A good book on this subject is
Linking Nutrition to Mental Health: A Scientific Exploration
by Ruth Leyse-Wallace PhD RD (Author)

Which explores the topic with scientific research rather than similarity of symptoms. Through my perusal b-vitamins, vitamin c and some others are lower or deficient in people suffering with schizophrenia, but nothing that I’ve seen suggests adrenachrome is removed by these vitamins. Nor have I seen much solid research that supports that the condition is purely a vitamin deficiency. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Aliston C T

Sometimes when doing heavy hallucinogenic drugs, i make sure the diet 3 days before the trip takes care of all nutrient requirements….in that world of chaos …the nutrients do heavenly work..if you get my drift….if you dont …try it…:)..and becasue they’re nutrients…our body has evolved & is designed specifically to break em down so there’s no worries with overdosing..you may probably feel dizzy with the nutrient rush ( reaserch the nutrient first though) …which may be a good thing 😉

Aliston C T

all vit b, vit c , vit d, omega 3, omega 6 will cure most common ailments in a flash. Practitioners have reversed advanced cancers with doses of vit c as high as 200000mg. The std medical dose is 500mg.

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