Become the Master of Your Reality in a Matter of Seconds

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” ~ Barbara Marciniak

It’s probably pretty obvious to you by now that perception shapes reality. Every single person you meet (including yourself) is in a dimension of consciousness that is shaping their reality by their deeply held beliefs about it.

The external world is simply the universe saying, “yes, you are right,” to whatever we believe about it, manifested in to physical form. So what do you want to be right about?

universe emit positive frequency

For those living unconsciously, meaning their mind and thoughts are making use of them rather than vice versa, the world can seem to be a threatening place. When one feels like a victim of circumstances and only depends on logic or proven facts to make choices, it can feel like much effort is required in order to make the life we want.

But as one begins to awaken in consciousness, it becomes more apparent that we are actually much more powerful than we had previously realized. The more one aligns with their own inner creator and power, the more the universe begins to serve them as the master of the creation.

Simply put, the more one believes and trusts in his own power the external world will begin to reflect the evidence of this belief. So how does one go from being a victim of circumstances and essentially powerless to the ultimate creator and powerhouse of their world?

Well it can actually happen in a matter of seconds and unsurprisingly, it’s all a matter of perspective.

Below are 5 perspectives to take on now in order to shift your energy from being helpless to powerful. Over time, the more a person embeds these perspective shifts into their conscious mind, it will trickle down to the subconscious which is ultimately responsible for shaping our external world and become a master of your reality.

5 Perspectives that will make you master of your reality in a matter of seconds

“Creating authentic power means aligning your personality with your soul.” ~ Gary Zukav

1) Switch from “why did this happen to me?” to “how is this here to help me?”

If you are expecting to consciously create each moment exactly as you have pictured in your head in the time frame you expect it to happen you are going to be waiting a very long time.beautiful-light

The fact of the matter is, we are co-creating reality with our higher selves, and almost all the time things will happen in a different way and in a different time frame than we want or expect them to, and that’s ok.

Everything that is happening is here to help us (even if it’s unplanned, even if it’s painful and even if we don’t know how it’s helping us). The powerful being knows that the universe will only bring them situations that are furthering his/her evolution, so next time something happens that you didn’t expect, simply ask, “how is this here to help me?” Immediately we will be aligned with faith rather than fear.

2) What I’m feeling is what’s healing

 When one feels inundated with painful emotions it is understandable that they would try to resist, deny, or distract themselves away from having to endure the pain. But a powerful being knows that no emotion is happening by accident nor should any feelings be resisted.

By taking the “story” that incited the emotions off the table, and simply focusing on the emotion at hand, feeling it to completion, we are actually able to heal it as we feel it.

The only reason painful emotions keep coming back time again is because we replay the situation in our mind that prompted the feeling and we begin to believe it all over again. We feel the anger or sadness as we re-live the situation. This magnetizes the emotions to us rather than releasing and healing them.

Life will continue to give us opportunities to heal the emotions by putting us in situations where we are prompted to feel angry/sad/ whatever.

However, when we align with our power we welcome all emotions in and let it be ok that we are feeling anything painful, because we realize that we are healing as we are feeling.

 3) Intention is everything


“Our intention creates our reality.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Our intention is perhaps the most powerful tool we have in creating our reality. This is what sets ‘the rules’ that the universe must follow when we are creating our perception of reality.

But it is important to not get too specific with it, doing this limits the creative ability of the universe, and will also lead to attachments to outcomes in our mind, which will most likely lead to disappointment or frustration.

So instead of saying something like, “I intend to make $10,000 today,” to something like, “I intend to see the gift in each moment today and to align with my power today,” we give the universe room to work without insisting things go exactly as we have planned.

Setting an intention each day gives our subconscious mind focus and ultimately, over time gives our life direction. This one thing alone will manifest opportunities, abundance, and fulfilling situations where we may have previously missed them.

4) Bless people, send them good vibes, picture them surrounded in golden light, etc…

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar

If we think about what we would do if we were the ruler of the world, had all of the money, happiness, love, whatever at our disposal without fear of ever losing it, what would we do?

We would most likely spend our time helping out our family members, people in need, being of service in some way.

In the same way, aligning with the power within is to be of service to the world. And you don’t need millions of dollars, nice cars, or big homes to do this. You can do it with a simple blessing (either in your head or said out loud) from you to another person.

controllerimage4We immediately align with our inner power when we reside in the energy of being happy for others and also sending good vibes to those having a tough time

Love is the ultimate truth of source energy and by sending it, giving it, or even saying loving things to help other out in their journey we actually begin to lift our own vibration in the process.

5. Two words: thank you

The two most powerful words we can say each day, moment to moment are ‘thank you.’ “Thank you for helping me,” immediately awakens the master inside of us, and shifts us into an energy where we are given more and more things to be grateful for.

And again, even if we don’t know how or why a particular moment is here to help us, by simply believing that it is, we open ourselves up to receiving insight and clarity from our higher selves. This way we are also aligning with complete trust and faith in our partner in creation, the ever-loving universe.

Image Sources:

Art by Cameron Gray

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Nikki Sapp
Nikki Sapp
After a synchronistic turn of events led her to receive a "oneness blessing" in 2011, Nikki Sapp experienced a huge shift in her awareness and an awakening of her consciousness. Thus started her spiritual journey. As time transpired, it became apparent to her that her talent for writing and communication would be how she could give back to humanity and help others who were also experiencing a spiritual awakening. Guided by love and service, she allows her body to be the vehicle by which the universe speaks to others through her writing.
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