The Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Nature has the cure for every disease, we only need to be aware and open to accepting the cure. I came across a heart-rending story of a three-year old boy, Cashy Hyde, who successfully fought his second bout of Terminal cancer after his father, Mike Hyde, started giving him Cannabis oil without the knowledge of the doctors. Here are several cases of the astounding benefits of Medical marijuana in treating diseases.

When Cashy was 20 months old, radiologist’s discovered a 4.5 cm, stage 4 Brain Tumor. When they tried to perform a surgery to remove it, they could get out only 10%, since it was wrapped around his optic nerve. They diagnosed Cashy with a Malignant and Aggressive Cancer classified as a PNET Brain Tumor.

PNET’s are part of the Blue Cell Cancer group that are aggressive and have a high fatality rate. Post that Cashy went through several rounds of Chemotherapy, he survived. Unfortunately it took a toll on his health, as his cancer came back and with it the Chemo and pharma cocktails. He was so sick that he didn’t eat in over 40 days and was living on TPN and Lipids as intravenous nutrition, he vomited 8-10 times a day and could barely lift his head off the pillow.

This is when his father Mike Hyde, decided to look for an alternative, he knew these toxic medicines were too much for Cashy to handle. He replaced seven of Cashy’s medicines with 0.3 ml of Cannabis oil, and what happened next is amazing.

Within two weeks of receiving the oil, Cash was eating, laughing, and led a quality of life his family had not seen in months. He survived septic shock, stroke, pulmonary hemorrhage, pulmonary hypertension, all side effects of the chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants he had received. They were told post his 4th cardiac arrest episode, Cashy would have brain damage, organ failure and that he would ultimately die. However, he did not die, and it was because of the cannabinoid therapeutics that he was receiving and their Antioxidant and Neuroprotectant capabilities.

This is one amazing story, while doing my background research on the story I came across Cashy’s Mothers Blog, I broke down when I realized Cashy is currently battling Brain Cancer for the third time. I have Cashy in my thoughts very often and I do hope each and every one of us sends some positivity and healing vibrations his way. Also do check how the family helps out Children suffering from Cancer with the Cash Hyde Foundation.

We are saddened with the recent news of Cashy leaving this world, he passed away on November 14th 2012. Our thoughts and love are with him and his family. Thank you for touching our lives Cashy.
Marijuana, a cure for Epilepsy

The next story is an inspiring one, about Jayden who has been suffering from Dravet syndrome (a rare form of Epilepsy) for the last four years. Jayden had his first seizure when he was just four and a half months old, and Jason, his father had tried every possible pharmaceutical drug available to treat him. Nothing worked, and then the side effects were just too much. The stress of taking care of Jayden broke up their marriage, and in his state of desperation and inability of seeing his son in this state, Jason contemplated suicide.

With his eyes peeled for some sort of sign from God to help Jayden son lead a better life, Jason came across a story of a teenage boy who was expelled from school because he used Marijuana to control his seizures. After doing two weeks of research and gathering help from his parents with epileptic children support group, he finally decided to give medical marijuana a try.

Since he didn’t want to get his son high, he gave him the non psycho active tincture, which basically does not contain any THC but a really high dose of Cannaboids, and what happened next is a miracle. For the first time in 4 years, Jayden’s seizures stopped from multiple in a day to none for 4 days. Not only has the medical marijuana helped in stopping his seizures but has also provided them with a father and son experience that they have not had in the last four years. For the first time his son looked into his eyes, gives him hugs and kisses, goes to school and the ultimate goal for Jason, is to hear his son say “I Love You” to him! Keep track of Jayden’s Journey on their Facebook Page!

Today Marijuana is known to either cure or benefit in the healing of over 200 diseases, the most important of these are Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis, Glaucoma, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, Hepatitis C, Morning sickness, Cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Currently many governments around the world have banned the use of Marijuana, calling the herb a drug and a gateway drug. The truth is, if Mankind could grow their own medicine, then how would the pharmaceuticals corporations make their millions. With the issue of state and federal laws being different, DEA raids on Medical Marijuana facilities have left people who have been using the medicine without a source.

Here’s a full length documentary on Marijuana, Medicine and the Law called Waiting to Inhale!

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