7 Signs You May Be Experiencing Soul Loss

“Phrases such as “I’m beside myself,” “I was frightened to pieces,” “I feel lost,” “I feel like part of me is missing,” originated from a sense of soul loss.” ~ S. Kelley Harrell, Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism

Your soul represents a sensitive space in which everything that you are, gracefully unfolds. Heart-break, grief and other severe incidents that haven’t been properly integrated affect your soul’s wholeness. Thus, the process of soul fragmentation occurs.

Your soul is just trying to protect itself – yourself, from pain. This is similar to the coping mechanism that the mind designs in order to keep things apparently under control, when you are going through hardship.

When soul loss happens, the fragments of the soul that have been damaged by an unattended long-term (emotional or physical) or sudden trauma, or spiritual circumstance, contract or hide away, until they are brought back into the light through aware action, such as the soul retrieval therapy.

Soul loss is an energetic relapse; the good news is that no vibrational illness can remain unhealed. Indeed, some spiritual conditions can take longer than others to remedy, but knowing that you have a deficiency in some area of your being is the first step towards completion.

The conditions of the soul are harder to identify than a disharmony in the auric field, for example, but once you start looking into your soul for answers, you will have reached your origin.

Here are 7 signs that you are going through soul loss:

1) There is a deep sadness within yourself

This profound grief may not affect your daily routine, and this is why even the closest people in your life can, most of the times, overlook it. You have learned how to function with this weight on your shoulders, and it may even feel normal.

The reality is, this sadness can eat you from inside out and cause symptoms that you would easily associate with something else, such as severe physical pain.

2) You feel disconnected

Soul loss prevents you from bonding with what’s essential. Therefore, your life feels like a limbo. There is something familiar and apparently comfortable about your life, but an essential piece seems to be missing.

3) You have a hard time maintaining your intention

Because your will molds the world, what you envision, ultimately comes into existence. But when your soul is affected, the power of your intention decreases, because your soul is the command center for your life’s purpose.

4) You feel lost

Soul fragments cannot vanish, but we may lose the ability to access them. When this happens, we experience an unsettling feeling, something we cannot grasp with the mind.

5) You feel misunderstood

Soul loss reduces our natural tendency to navigate towards others and life. We become lonesome, and we get used to it.

But this voluntary withdrawal is not healthy; it just represents a coping mechanism in a situation we cannot comprehend and if we cannot understand what’s going on with us, how can we expect other people to recognize what we are going through?

This takes us to the next sign of soul fragmenting.

6) You isolate yourself

You purposely create a prison that feels comfortable, as interacting with others triggers inner turbulence. You keep your loved ones at arm’s length because you feel you cannot be seen and heard.

7) It becomes harder and harder to access your inner resources

Your soul is an infinite reservoir of knowledge and insight. As it becomes compartmentalized through soul loss, you are faced with exhaustion, apathy, self-cloudiness.

The cure to soul fragmentation is soul retrieval. This process allows you to access the parts of yourself that have been blocked off by pain. By unifying your soul, you become whole again.

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