A Problematic Moment is a Veiled Gift

Day or night, everywhere you look, life reflects the truth into your eyes. We create our own reality. From the moment, you first open your eyes to greet the day, is your first thought one of joy and anticipation of adventure?

Are you thankful for the replenishing sleep, the comfort of your dwelling space? If so, then you are creating a marvelous beginning to a day of promise and contentment. As you prepare for the day, you choose your morning rituals.

That first step out of bed, or more likely for many here, a few minutes to look through your phone to check your email, texts, twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The morning elimination, a shower, coffee; perhaps breakfast. These choices are you creating your reality, as the choices you make become your physical, mental and emotional state throughout the day.


For many of us, the big decision of what to wear? Our favorite ensemble to emphasize our intention to own this day? Or maybe an old trusty standby outfit that we know will get us through the day. For the guys, do we shave? Take an extra minute or two to do our hair, throw on a cap or just go?

For the ladies, it is often much more complicated, hair, nails, make-up, perfume, accessories and the necessary maintenance items that must be carried along for later in the day. You know how heavily you can rely on your hair, make-up and outfit to give you that added confidence to make that presentation or deal with that special situation. Again, we see just how each behavior adds layers and context to our reality.

All of these things that take place in the first hour or two of waking for most of us have an immediate impact on how our day will play out as the world is going to reflect back to us what we put out into it. Do you smile and greet your neighbor as you head out to the day’s activities? Then once again, you’ve projected what will be reflected. Each little seemingly common place occurrence is seeding the next.


Yes, there will be what could be construed as glitches, yet they are nothing more than references to calibrate your emotional compass. How you choose to react to the unexpected intrusions define you and your reality. If you choose to look for the lesson, the message and the gift within the glitches then you will soon notice that while they will continue to appear their nature will change as once you’ve learned a lesson, you often move on to the next. A moment interpreted as problematic is a present laden with potential learning.

All the above mentioned scenarios influence and dictate your reality and you are the one creating it. A brief glance at an alternative construction. Do you wake up dreading the day? Turn on the news to hear about the latest mass murder, third world famine and celebrity gossip?

Light a smoke, pick up dirty clothes, and put them on to rush out the door scowling in thought about your unsatisfactory life? Does the sound of chirping birds annoy you? The cool morning air cause you to grumble about the weather.

Do you find yourself angered by someone’s cheer or excitement? Do you feel threatened by that which you do not understand and then lash out at others? Guess what? You are right, it all sucks, because that is what you choose to project, and that is what life reflects to you. (If this is you, power to you, I admire your strength though question your sanity)

Most of us fall somewhere in between the top and bottom scenarios. If you care to enhance your reality, you can. Start by being grateful for something, anything at all. If nothing else, be thankful for this breath as you breathe deep and then let go of expectations as you exhale.


Practice being grateful as often as you can (make a note, wear a bracelet, set an alarm, do something to remind you to be grateful as often as possible). Once you get to where you are grateful for all the wonderful things, the next step, and this may sound odd, is to start practicing being grateful for the annoying, the bothersome and the pain.

This is a big step, and it is powerful. Remember, this is a practice and to be patient with yourself while you learn. You are worth the effort. You will be amazed at how your life changes. The more grateful you are, the better reality becomes. There is a lot more to creating your ideal reality, but first learn gratitude.

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Michael Ribas
Michael Ribas
Light Guidance ~ Student, Teacher and Lesson


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