Ascension – A Caravan of Celebration!

Our collective journey in stages … from darkness to light

These times are confusing. But our collective mission is a thunderous force that expands the comfort bubble we breathed in; a stretch more each day until it finally bursts with a gentle pop, when least expecting it.


Like the microscopic Whos from Who-ville, in the film ‘Horton Hears a Who!’ unite to scream out their existence – we too own our participation in the divine plan and claim our eagerness to grow into the higher realms.

While humanity has always known ascension; imprinting their wisdom throughout time and leaving so much of themselves for us to find – there is strength in numbers now, and it is time for a mass awakening.


While ascension sounds heavy a word, inaccessible a portal, difficult a journey and a deal too good to be true, it is imperative to view it as a process; gradual, breakable into simple steps and demanding consistency of practice.

Every day, every moment, every step matters in the long run. Especially, since we are in this master shift together.

1) Overview of the Current Situation

We struggle to get rid of the veil, which we agreed to wear unquestioningly; perhaps mistaking it to be an adornment. We flaunted our rigidity; sometimes smugly, sometimes reluctantly and most times out of fear, each time behind a different mask; tradition, inheritance, culture, religion, genes, etc.

And only now have we begun to agree – we can vaguely see through the veil, and barely recognize each other in these masks.

2) Accepting the Situation

As we succeed in gradually unearthing the truth; buried deep under in a deathless grave of time, waiting to be reclaimed from the very place we are rooted in. It dawns upon us – we have been blinded, weighed down and suffocated for far too long. We have been sleeping for far too long.

3) Recognizing the Gap

The haste of many ignored years piles up; as we get frantic in our unfolding, it keeps up with our step with no trouble. We begin to notice the disparity in what we were made to believe, and what resonates with who we are.

What we saw as favorable differs from what is designed to be fruitful; the chasm seems wide to cross.

4) Accepting Failure Gracefully

Like an overfed python that grew too fast; overjoyed at the eager and untrained owner’s failing efforts to domesticate it, the veil has extended to many folds; crashing heavily at our very own feet.

The wicked watchfulness of this crumpled coil threatens to weigh us down in a thud, while our very own Kundalini serpent – majestic but unruffled, can’t protect us – we didn’t allow it to.

5) Setting an Intent

Even when we are such stuff as dreams are made of, and “our little life is rounded with a sleep” like Shakespeare said in The Tempest – we still ought to wake up. There may be agony of being cheated, and irritation of wanting to separate our shadow before yesterday.

Our agitation openly lets out the amount of inner work needed, to being light enough to glide in the golden land – we are ready to do it anyway.

6) Giving ‘Faith’ due Credit

Suddenly, to match our determination, we hear the call – louder this time. The gates have been flung open and the battle has already been won. We wonder about crossing over gracefully; being greeted and embraced by light and love.

And we know, this time when the alarm refuses to go on snooze – it is time to wake up.

7) Strengthening the Intent

Whether we like it or not, find it comforting or not, we are going to notice these changes. It is important to decide if we want to be the change, be swept by it or be left by it. And if latter appeals, it makes sense to apply now.

8) Choosing NOW

We are the ones we have been waiting for

The morning sun shines promise upon us – We don’t have to be this way; afraid, sorry and in the dark – We have an alternative. (And having to regard, ‘The way of life’ as an alternative, tells us the intensity of the situation.)

Deciding to carry no old weight, wounds or worry, cutting all strings that tug us away from opening our present – We must now choose NOW! We are our Now.

As we continue this exciting journey, we recognize our collective mission is a celebratory caravan that keeps us moving towards an oasis of goodness. We pause to rejoice this knowing. We thank them for allowing us to be a part of this magical time.

No matter our down time or our detours – we have navigated to ‘here and now’ and will continue to do so.

And before we begin again, we ponder – “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

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Malvika Vazalwar
Malvika Vazalwar
Malvika loves to learn, listen and explore. She is a Pranic Healer from India. Writing, healing, whistling and painting help her experience and express her truth. She also has her own Personal Blog!