Being “Awake” Means Nothing; Acting Towards Positive Change Means Everything

More and more people are claiming to have awakened spiritually and sociologically, accepting the idea that there is more to life than our physical existence, and realizing that our monetary system and public institutions are subject to significant corruption.

These are evidently realizations which require considerable thought and an open mind. Realizing that our world is screwed up and spiritually void is one thing. Acting to make positive change is another.

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Part of acting to make positive change is to embrace humility. Moving in a humble manner through time includes realizing that everyone has had different life experiences, has come from a different sociological background, and has been genetically dispositioned to favor certain tendencies of thinking. Not everyone, in his or her current mindset, is capable of perceiving our world’s state of affairs and our state of existence like you, or has the same intuitive abilities and critical thinking skills as you.

When the masses are subject to an educational culture which promotes the memorization of facts over creativity, individuality, and critical analysis, and a social culture which values cosmetics, materialism and egocentrism over benevolence and embracing spirituality, it becomes evident as to why some may cling to this regressive identity; it is simply all that they know.

This is a tragic reality. There are many good souls who find themselves trapped in this mindless vortex of thought. That is why it is essential to be positive and embracing towards every soul, and to try and guide him or her onto a better path. Alexandra K. Trenfor said it best: “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” We cannot force anyone to believe anything, no matter how correct that we think we are. We can only point to the facts, and hope that they are embraced.

talk minus actionAction is also doing our best to live a life which portrays the values of a socially and environmentally conscious soul. How many of us who claim to have experienced an awakening still do the following things?

  • Drive a gasoline car
  • Heat our houses with electricity from coal or oil
  • Eat meals derived from animal-based factory farms
  • Support companies who use child labor and labor slaves
  • Support companies with atrocious environmental records


And then how many of us act like we are more enlightened than the people who support some of the same industries that we do?

I admit that I am guilty of doing things on that list as well. I would love to live in a solar panel powered house, grow my own food, and be completely self-sustainable. Unfortunately, it is not yet realistic.

So I drive my bike year round, buy clothes second-hand, do not support any animal-based factory farms, and try to live modestly. I know that I partake in some activities which are not good for the environment, but I also know that I am taking action towards a more positive and sustainable lifestyle. As Gandhi’s famous quote suggests, being the change that you wish to see is really all that you can do. And truly sustainable change takes time.

action changes thingsHere are some fairly simple changes that most people can make which will immediately help the environment and humanity:

  • Walk, bike, run, rollerblade, skateboard whenever you can – Every second you are not in a car means less carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Stop buying animal-based factory farmed products – From the torture of the animals, to the chemicals used to raise them, and the environmental toll to transport these animals across the globe, this archaic industry simply has no place in any society which deems itself to be ethical. Boycott this industry.
  • Buy local and second hand – You greatly reduce the probability of directly funding child labor, you significantly reduce the environmental toll of transportation, and you give a new life to something that was taken from our planet which was no longer going to be used.
  • Grow your own food – Even if you have a few buckets that you can keep soil in, access to water and sunlight, and a small amount of space, you can start to make it happen.  No pesticides needed, and more importantly no Monsanto.


Evidently, this is not a comprehensive list. But it is a good start to embracing a more positive existence by reducing our reliance on corporations, most of whom care more about profit than the Earth and its living species.

To get completely off the electricity grid does take a huge commitment. Fortunately, the development of renewable energy technology is accelerating. It will only become more accessible and cost-efficient in the future, making its implementation a more realistic goal as the future approaches.

This is a video by the makers of the documentary “Thrive”. It discusses how to bring up sensitive societal topics with others in a socially appropriate manner, for the purpose of promoting change.

Remember: you are never fully awake; your soul is always a work in progress.


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Foster and Kimberly Gamble from Thrive

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Jeremy MacDonald
Jeremy MacDonald
Jeremy MacDonald is taking a break from his career in education to focus on writing. He hopes to help bridge the gap between abstract concepts and modern science, and help people to embrace a more positive, humble, and meaningful existence. As he likes to say, “You are never fully awake; your soul is always a work in progress.”


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