Dismantling the Avatar to Find Your True Self

 “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold you own myth.” ~ Rumi

Spiritual paths require acceptance, without prejudice of our own cognition. We often sense unseen aspects of people we come in contact with. In a way we are a manner of conductors, amplifiers and generators under influence of each other’s energetic configurations.

Our personalities are like personalized avatars; battle-hardened by the demographic trends or aberrations thereof. Trends that are created through a capitalist undertone that serves to distract us, in order to enable the economy to churn our demands through seeds of aspiration and identification planted within our subconscious.

It’s only logical that the ideas and thoughts most exposed onto a psyche will be placed in a position of reverence; be it reverence or criticism, it becomes a theme larger then any opinion within it.

Consider the collective perception of ‘sexy’ planted in majority of our fellow men and women. An ideal that abandons even the concepts of internal beauty, of character, or intellectual connection until checkpoints of physical aspects are met. This perception thrives on objectification of women by trending it as “cool”, “hip” or “hot”.

Certain body structures are portrayed as murals of ecstasy through media and fashion. Then women are paid, exploited and expected to flaunt these ‘perfect’ bodies. Such over-identification causes insecurity towards the body and alienated from emotions.

In order to keep up, many invest in the by-products of instant gratification, excessive consumerism, and blind enthusiasm with dietary or other supplements, steroids, even surgery in order to achieve these marketed illusions. This, to a great extent, has been the result of media impregnated ideas; through seeing characters we are first made to relate to.

Dulling of senses within the majority has led to a dullness of the collective. As our consciousness at the conscious level is linked to that of the people we know and at the subconscious level to everyone, thus forming a collective consciousness.

Therefore when majority of people are viewing everyone and everything through a lens of their own selflessness it extends to the collective, forming a web of interconnected energies that are getting off on or crushed by the same vibrations.

Over more time these aberrations are established as truths or a way of life as they carry us further away from the very shores of our own inherent sanity. We loose sight of what it truly means to be alive, to have this gift of thought, of introspection, of expression.

Spirituality nudges us to bridge this gap, to accept all that we know and don’t know 541667_191796384293934_1250684308_nabout ourselves and asks us to learn and navigate our path with honesty and integrity. The ideal of spiritual awareness is to detangle us from our own entanglements, to free our intuition from our mental preferences, and allow our instincts to embody the lives our souls deserve.

As the meaning of our life has forever been hidden within our very own inherent instincts. In order to feel these instincts we need to remove the residual waste of the conditioning systems that allows us to be selfish, to seek ease and comfort over hardship, and to live in fear of the bad or harsh things.

When in reality it is all the same. Good would not exist if not for the bad. Bad here means aspects of ourselves we feel ashamed about, depression we hide from our lives out of fear of being exposed, of saying what we truly feel, of acceptance of who we really are.

This behavior has left us wounded in our very being – in our heart. The truest way forward with depression (or any imbalance) that most of us live with is to accept it and learn from it. To allow it to show us the darkest parts of ourselves, which are in fact truer for us than any lies fed to us.

Hence the displeasure associated with that aspect of one’s own emergence. Spirituality requires us to surface our strength and face up to the truth, rather than pop an anti-depressant.

Words of caution to all those set on pursuing their spiritual path; beware of the fall of your clichéd illusions, and brace-up for impact with your own truth.

“Chaos is what we’ve lost touch with. This is why it is given a bad name. It is feared by the dominant archetype of our world, which is Ego, which clenches because its existence is defined in terms of control.” ~ Terence McKenna

Spirituality is not enslaved to any particular practice; it is the way of life. A way of unfolding, expanding and growing into ourselves and letting go of the parts that don’t serve us anymore. For when one sets forth on their path they commission all falsities within themselves to emerge, only to be burnt off.

So go on; dismantle the avatar and let the spirit shine through..

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Martin La Spina

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Raghav Bubna
Raghav Bubna
Dreamer, mystic, peaceful warrior, wonderer and a being of love. I believe in knowing everything through experience and make it my mission to experience every truth I seek. Unless experienced all knowledge is belief. Questions about my higher self, death and my tantalising curiosity for new experiences constantly lead me to different wondrous realms all of them equally real!


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