5 Important Life Lessons from Someone who Nearly Died

What would it be like to have a near death experience where you leave your sick dying body, travel to the other-side and then come back to completely heal your self of your final stages of cancer.

Sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it? But it isn’t, it’s Anita Moorjani’s story who the doctors predicted had a couple of hours to live. While in hospital she slipped into a coma, her body lay lifeless but her consciousness experienced what we call an overview effect. She could see everything happening around her body her husband holding her hand, the doctors in distress and even beyond the hospital.

anita moorjani only thing you can doShe discovered the oneness that we all share, she sensed people who were boarding planes to come for her funeral and encountered her two closest loved ones that had passed away and conversed with them and she understood that she had to come back, even though she was happier not being in her cancer stricken body. She knew that when she came back she would be healed completely.

In five days after her return, her cancer tumors shrunk to 50% of what they were when she was in hospital and in a months time her body was completely cancer free.

She came back and has devoted her life teaching the 5 main points that can help everyone turn their life around.

1) To Focus our Awareness on Love

To always operate from a point of love is not easy, with circumstances and the routine of everyday life, love takes a backseat. Focusing on love isn’t easy especially when it comes down to loving oneself, its easier to love another human and sometimes there just isn’t time to love your own being. As they say, “If your cup is empty how can you pour from it?”

It is my own understanding that once you love yourself you begin to value and take better care of yourself. This enables you to extend your love to others, the key here is to focus your awareness on love. To do that you consciously choose to be kinder to yourself, to make choices that will make you happy of course, sometimes this requires a lot of healing and going deep inside to get those skeletons out of the closet.

There are methods to aid the process on your journey if you need help feel free to ask <3

2) To Live Life Fearlessly

fearThis is a tough one, isn’t it, I have my own set of fears and I’m sure you do too. Its obvious, we’re conditioned from the time we grow up. Don’t climb that wall or tree, you will get hurt if you fall. Don’t eat certain meats or do certain things to displease God. Go to church every Sunday or you will be punished. The list is never ending, but as you grow up depending on your experiences in life you tend to outgrow some of these, as well as gain some more.

After I slipped down a snow-clad mountain with a river flowing I seem to have developed a stronger fear of heights. But I don’t let that stop me from climbing more mountains or hampering my trekking trips. Fear is one of the leading cause of illness within our body, it kickstarts our fight or flight system that releases a bunch of useful hormones, but if you live in fear you have too much of these hormones pumped into your body all the time which ends up having a negative effect. Perhaps this is a good starting point, turning the tables on fear.

3) The Importance of Humor, Laughter and Joy

How do you feel when you laugh at a joke? It releases stress and your worries seem to disappear in that moment. As they say laughter is the best medicine, imagine if everyone around the world had enough reason to laugh. The whole world would be a different place, but to put it to use, it’s you who has to laugh and also spread the joy as well.

Make more people laugh every minute you can, crack a joke do something funny, though it isn’t easy and the sacred clown may not be your path, go forth and spread the joy whichever way you can. If its not humour that for you, let it be joy, you could hold the door open for someone or hail someone a cab. Never stop changing the vibrations around you.

4) Life is a Gift

Do you really need someone to tell you that your life is a gift? Well if you needed to hear it you have! There is no greater joy than being alive this moment. No matter what your pain is, no matter what the circumstances are, just the fact that you are here in your body is reason enough to celebrate.

Even if you don’t believe it you are here for a purpose, if you don’t think so you haven’t discovered it yet. Don’t wait for death to catch up with you to find out what it is, start working on what you like doing. Do what you love and somewhere along the way the purpose of your existence will come into play.

Each day welcomes new opportunities to make a fresh start, don’t carry yesterday’s baggage to slow you down today. One of my favorite sayings comes from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, each day you die and born again. It isn’t easy but try seeing things with a new perspective, be the lotus in a pond!

114192-Just-Be-Yourself5) Always be Yourself

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~ Dr. Seuss

We are flashed with ideas of beauty, of what is cool, what we should wear, how we carry ourselves throughout. But trying to keep up with other people’s ideas of what you should be is not only taxing but it also means that you don’t value the person you really are.

You’re not perfect, neither am I, no matter what the media tells us, we are a bunch of imperfect misfits that fit together better than lego. Stop trying to be what you’re not and just begin to flow, if you do what you like doing you automatically attract people with similar interests. Being part of the right circles does amazing things, you get the support, love and attention to propel you further.

If you liked reading this, you’re thoroughly going to enjoy the video below.

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