Quantum Buddha, Fractal Christ

“Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Within the oceanic quantum entanglement of the evolution of consciousness there emerges tiny swells of “I,” little upsurges of ego waves. We, the collective unconscious, are the breakers crashing across the beach of life.

From this collective crashing have emerged symbols that jut out like hooks from our quarrel with eternity, something for us mortal animals to hang our immortal hats on.

The most profound of these symbols, Buddha and Christ, emerged from the outdated sentimentality of religion. But over time they have been transformed into updated transcendental spirituality (Note: when I say “spirituality” I do not mean religious).

From Zukav’s Dancing Wu Li Masters to Capra’s Tao of Physics, a new way of perceiving reality as scientific art, or as artistic science, has emerged.

The singularity is near, but what can we do about it? Put simply: we can choose progressive evolution rather than regressive or stagnant evolution. As Ray Kurzweil said in The Singularity is Near, “Our sole responsibility is to produce something smarter than we are; any problems beyond that are not ours to solve.”

Indeed. The indirect goal of evolution has always been to adapt and overcome. Our ancient ancestors adapted to their environments and overcame them by inventing footwear, wheels, and discovering fire, thus producing something smarter than they were.

Our most recent ancestors adapted to their environments and overcame them by inventing the engine, flight, and modern medicine, thus producing something smarter than they were. Now we are adapting to our own environment and overcoming it by inventing the internet, sequencing the genome, 3D printers, robots, and more, thus producing something smarter than we are.

And yet we are (for the most part) left spiritually defunct. We are connected more than ever by technology, and yet we are somehow less connected.

There is more to progressive evolution than just creating better technology. There is more to producing somethinga christ1 e1512838202912 smarter than we are than just inventing gadget-wielding, device-interfacing humans. We also need something to hang our spiritual hat on, something that can relieve us of our desire for divine interconnectedness.

Something bigger and more up-to-date than clumsy religion. As Carl Sagan surmised, “Science is not only compatible with spirituality, it is a profound source of spirituality.”

The science of art (Quantum Buddha)

“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.” ~ Werner Heisenberg

Science has come a long way in explaining the fascinating reality that we live in, but, as Adam Zeman wrote, there’s still only “night at the end of the tunnel.” It’s the job of spirituality to make sense out of this “night.” It’s the job of spirituality to discover a moral question for our culture to thrive in, and to continuously question the answers that arise. Thereby producing something smarter than we are.

Art is the sacred space where spirituality and science merge to create meaning out of meaninglessness, and to discover moral questions despite an indifferent universe. The science of art is the psychological and philosophical meta-questions that emerge from connecting the dots (answers) between moral questions.

Quantum Buddha is the symbol for this entanglement. Quantum Buddha is the smeared out wavefunction of time and space, the interconnectedness of all things, collapsing into the observation of a scientific-artist who can bridge the gap between science and spirituality by validly interpreting the difference between healthy and unhealthy and then applying it to the overall construct.

It’s a ground-up approach to spirituality that uses symbolic undertones of the human condition as a foundation to build up into a scientifically open-minded striving toward something transcendent.

On the one hand, Quantum Buddha is the interconnectedness at the heart of universal law, yearning to transcend the 3D brain through the 4D mind – the almighty Phi.

a christ2

On the other hand, Quantum Buddha is the scientific-artist inside all of us, yearning to learn from the beauty inherent within art, hungry to connect the dots between old art and new art and then create meta-art that has the power to move us progressively forward into a healthier version of ourselves – the human Fibonacci sequence.

The art of science (Fractal Christ)

“God may be dead, but Measurement is alive, calibrating our worthiness in all forms of competition.” ~ Alan Harrington

The art of science is the science of art – with a twist. The twist is measurement, and the information that arises from such measuring. Measurement is a finite calibration within an infinite construct. We are all finite measurers of an infinite reality.

But sometimes we can get caught up in the information and it must be updated. Getting too caught up in our spiritual or scientific ideals can lead to hubris and ego-centrism. The art of science is the ability to transform measurement and information into art, thereby creating a platform for self-overcoming.

In mathematics, a fractal is an abstract object used to describe naturally occurring objects. In the art of science, Fractal Christ is the abstract concept used to describe naturally occurring Christ Consciousness – the part of the Self that overcomes itself.

So as not to get stuck in our ideals, Fractal Christ emerges as a symbol for falling apart and then coming back together again. Fractal Christ is you overcoming yourself. Fractal Christ is me overcoming myself. Fractal Christ is the evolving symmetry of Christ Consciousness that arises within each of us.

It arises to rebel against the orthodoxy of the time. It arises to throw a wrench into whatever machinery has overgrown itself or become obsolete, outdated, unhealthy or uncouth. It arises as a vital aspect of healthy, progressive evolution.

The platform created through the art of science allows for a sacred space where we are free to question our ideals and worldviews. Where science teaches us the difference between healthy and unhealthy, spirituality teaches us the difference between morality and immorality, and art brings it all together through symmetry and asymmetry.

Fractal Christ emerges on this platform as a pattern from our collective unconscious that repeats itself through human evolution to keep the cycle going, despite stagnation and entropy.

The art of science is a top-down approach to spirituality that disassembles the symbolic overtones of the human condition and collapses them into a scientifically open-minded striving toward something transcendent.

At the end of the day, Quantum Buddha is the symbol for the multi-dimensional mind field that binds all things. Fractal Jesus is the collective Christ consciousness that exists to keep evolution on point by upsetting orthodox apple carts and updating outdated symbols. Together, they are Fibonacci striving for Phi. They are vitally symbolic tools we can use to leverage a healthy, progressive evolution for our species.

The science of art connects us to everything. The art of science constantly updates the connection. Between the two, a scientific spirituality emerges. Between the two, we flow. We progress. We evolve. We produce something smarter than ourselves.

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Buddha chakra sphere
Quantum Buddha
Fractal Christ

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