Has New Age Spiritualism Gotten You Trapped?

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the amount of information and confusion spreading around spirituality, personal growth, and manifestation.

And let’s begin by saying that there is no shame or pride associated with being spiritual. Secondly, let’s understand that “spiritual” is not a label and that it is, definitely, not a lifestyle. In 2012, there was a huge wave of a shift in consciousness which insentiently, got termed as the “new age.”

The “New Age Group” was identifying with chakra-exploring, yoga-dipping, crystal-cleansing while being synonymous with love, peace, and orgasms. We know how ancient the knowledge of chakras, yoga, and crystals is; spirituality is as old as the spirit itself.

However, in the era of capitalism, spirituality is getting lost in translation and is also, misguiding many of us.

Spirituality has become a product that every lifestyle brand glamorizes to no extent, and there is no looking back. This obviously has led to a new division of consumer called the spiritual consumer.

The spiritual consumer can’t imagine their lives without trendy yoga pants and products which help them escape to an instant feel-good mode including festivals where the spiritual person can exhibit their style of spirituality. If a t-shirt imitating a print of cosmos would have been enough for alignment and enlightenment, we would all be enlightened by now.

There is a big issue with the consumerization of spirituality because it is perpetuating limiting beliefs by giving an image to the “spiritual” one. It is glamorizing yoga as a tool to further objectify the human body while prescribing it as a “drug of the new age.”

It gets seriously ironical when a spiritual person wears his spirituality as an excuse to avoid looking at the reality or truth thereby developing a spiritual ego. The thought process involved in spiritual ego sounds like, “I’m a spiritual person hence, I can’t have biases,” and “I believe in oneness, it’s okay if my actions don’t echo my beliefs. At least, my social media image does.”

“Good Vibes Only” and “I’m a Yoga Bitch” may read well on T-shirts and Instagram posts, but in reality, its effect on the mind, body, and soul is a caging one. Because it is creating a culture of forced positivity where one feels obliged to think and feel good thoughts.

A person feels scared to share their innermost emotions because they fear the judgment that comes with it in the form of statements such as, “You manifested this reality for yourself,” thus reinforcing the shaming cycle in an, already, embedded shame-based society.

In a collective, no reality is manifested by an individual alone. The glamor of spiritual world ignores the synergetic nature of the universe, and the spiritual glamour, in fact, is yet another comfortable mask.

Branding oneself as spiritual goes against the essence of knowing that all living beings, in fact, are spiritual. A spiritual person who has awareness of his/her spirit realizes that the same life-force and energy moves through every being.

There is no need for a label that, anyway, is limited to the language and time-based realties. There is no need to validate or invalidate because the spirit realizes the eternal synchronization of the cosmos.

There is nothing inferior or superior about the “spiritual one.”

“Everybody has a little bit of the sun and moon in them. Everybody has a little bit of man, woman, and animal in them. Darks and lights in them. Everyone is part of a connected cosmic system. Part earth and sea, wind and fire, with some salt and dust swimming in them. We have a universe within ourselves that mimics the universe outside. None of us are just black or white, or never wrong and always right. No one. No one exists without polarities. Everybody has good and bad forces working with them, against them, and within them.” ~ Suzy Kassem

The spirit is inherently free from any kind of classification or categorization. In fact, all the identification process takes place in the physical plane where an increased emphasis is laid upon “self-expression” as a means of “identification.”

When one begins to see the recurring themes, patterns, and colors in nature; all the labels, judgments, and identifications fall apart. The centeredness of a being that revels in the joy of pure awareness realizes the illusion behind the need to attain enlightenment or even exhibit that one is on their way to enlightenment.

Alignment is not a competition, and it, definitely, is not judged by an enhanced capacity to manifest realities. One can’t judge the alignment process by keeping the ability to manifest a huge bank balance as a parameter for abundance.

There are millions of people who have manifested a great amount of bank balance but they clearly aren’t aligned and this can be described by observing their hunger for control and extreme fear of losing which forces them to indulge in low vibration acts such as cheating, thievery, and manipulation.

We’ve reached a point as a collective where we, really, shouldn’t layer ourselves with any more false sense of protection disguised under the consumption of “spirituality” as a relief.

Because, spirituality, is not a relief of the “modern age.”

If one needs relief, then, it still means that one is in “pain.”  One is still projecting that the world is too chaotic, therefore, we must cling to our spirit. In such a process, “spirituality” is again being used in another trigger, action, and reward cycle. It is just that this time it is in the more acceptable form as one is trying to attain the status of “holy” or “enlightened.”

The knowledge of the inner being is eternal and ever-present, to tap into it you don’t have to resort to a product, lifestyle, or a trigger-relief mechanism.

Our spirit yearns for the realization of our connectedness with the animate. There is no greater sense of abundance than the one where a being feels a profound sense of association with all that is aware in the universe. Here, all the desire to escape or protect oneself vanishes. One is One with the One.

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