Has Spirituality Become Part of Your Ego?

“Once you awaken, you will have no interest in judging those who sleep.” ~ James Blanchard

For the seeker who is on the spiritual journey or the truth-seeker that is determined to uncover what is “real” and “unreal”, the spirituality or awakening process becomes nothing short of an obsession.

Once the secrets of the universe begin to show themselves to you, it’s like you can think of nothing else.

tree-of-light-tang-yau-hoong-1Maybe you had a mystical experience that cannot be explained, or maybe in your seeking to uncover the “secrets” of our government or societies you chanced upon a seemingly endless rabbit hole of information that shows cover-up after cover-up anywhere from why wars were fought to hidden information about extra-terrestrials.

Thus starts the journey inward. Things that seemed to be are completely dismantled and even who we thought ourselves to be starts to peel layer after layer, until we finally get in touch with this thing called “awareness” that all the great mystics have talked about. Our entire world flips upside down.

What we thought was true, proves to be not true, and the person we imagined ourselves to be is not anywhere close to who we actually are.

With each passing day, a new piece of the “puzzle” of life begins to reveal itself to us, and then we start realizing how different we are not only from the people around us, who don’t seem to be having th
e same life-revelations as us, but from the person we once were.

It seems that this is the norm for the person who has come across this information. The truth starts to reveal itself, little by little, and with each “answer” we get, a million more questions begin to pop up.

We are driven to devour more information from books, spiritual teachers, motivational speakers, energy-healers, etc… Then we hit a block.


It’s like we’ve read a million books, memorized a million inspirational quotes and listened to video after video of people give us information about anything from law of attraction to meeting our twin flame and then we come to a point where we must ask ourselves, “ok, I know all of this information, I’ve understood the teachings, I can talk about consciousness and meditation with the best of them but what now?”

At this point in our spiritual journey we come to a fork in the road. Down one path we can become the “spiritual” ego.

On this path we can use all the information we’ve got to make ourselves feel more and more disconnected from society, we can feel uncomfortable around anyone who we perceive as a lower level of consciousness than us, we can judge the “sheep” or the “still asleep” in order to reinforce our idea that the truth that we have uncovered is somehow making us better than the people around us who have yet to know anything about such topics.

Down the other path we see a path where spirituality becomes completely irrelevant. Yes, we still know all the concepts, the teachings, and we still accept them as our personal ‘truth’.

But down this road we see that knowing every spiritual teaching in the world doesn’t mean anything if you can’t interact in the world, be nice to everyone (EVEN those who we perceive to be not as ‘consciously evolved’ as us), or have a pleasant conversation with our parents or a family member who not only has no idea about spirituality, but doesn’t even care.

Point blank, all seekers must come to the time where they must ask themselves, “What does being spiritual mean if I can’t even be an UNCONDITIONALLY loving person, accepting of all people, and comfortable in ALL situations, not just ones where I feel I’m around people who believe the same things I believe?”

“Don’t be in a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn’t do what you do, or think as you think. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.” ~ Malcolm X

Now of course, no one consciously chooses the path where spirituality becomes just another part of the ego.

the_atlas_ego_by_damnengineBut, nonetheless, it happens. It may happen so sneakily and slowly that we may not even realize we had become that person until we are knee deep in incense sticks, crystals, drum-circles, and tarot cards. And none of these things are “wrong”, they’re all just ways to experience the “all that is”, but at some point on this path we will have to come face to face with our own heart.

We can have done all the energy work in the world, but if we’re not happy and treating our own selves with the upmost love and respect, and treating other people with the same love and respect, it doesn’t really matter.

In order to recognize when we may have used spirituality as just another way to separate ourselves from others and make ourselves feel like we are above them, we must become super aware of how we feel, and how we talk to ourselves and other people.

Are we getting mad at ourselves or feeling like we have faced a “setback” when we find ourselves not acting in a way that is in complete accordance with the teachings we have grown to love?

Are we just as comfortable talking about pop culture as we are talking about spirit guides or chakras, meaning, even if we’re not into pop culture can we still accept that there are some people who are and can we listen to them without making a judgment about them?

Are we ok with speaking from an authentic place while at the same time recognizing that our ‘truth’ may not be the same as the other person we are speaking with?

If we are using spirituality as a way to feel bad about ourselves, for instance, in a way to judge ourselves as ‘not good enough’ (not enlightened enough), or to feel bad about other people (by seeing them as not good enough/ not enlightened enough), we are operating from spiritual ego.

spirituality_become_egoWhen spirituality is used as a tool to judge ourselves or others we find that the thing we believed was going to make us happier, and more comfortable in our own skin and in the world has actually turned on us and is now working against us.

If this is where you are at, perfect. It means the time has come to face your own soul and love your own self. The time has come to drop all judgments about where you think you “should” be or where you think others “should” be and meet yourself and them where they are.

Once you have come to terms that there are parts of you that are still criticizing you, and critiquing others, all that’s left to do is accept and love. Love the one that judges.

Love the one that criticizes. To love is to surrender, and ultimately the only thing that can truly make the judgments go away is to first be aware of them, then send them unconditional love. At this point a miraculous thing happens. We no longer use being spiritual as a tool to make ourselves feel worse or a means to which we can put ourselves on a pedestal over others.

We come to terms that every one we meet is on their own spiritual path, even those who don’t even know it, and no amount of truth or “wisdom” matters if we are not nice. No matter how remedial it sounds, being nice and loving to everyone (including ourselves) is and always should be the ultimate goal of the spiritual path.

Attached is a video that may shed some light and humor on the spiritual path. After all, being able to laugh at oneself is the evidence that we are no longer attached to ideas about ourselves, we are no longer getting ‘offended’ by anything. This is where true freedom lies.

Image Source

The Absent
Chris Dyer

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