Be Patient with Yourself

Be patient with yourself. You don’t just overcome things overnight, you don’t suddenly become okay, you don’t mature in moments. The reality is, the process is messy, even ugly at times. It’s not linear, sometimes it seems like you’ve taken more steps back than you have taken forward. At times, it even seems as if you don’t understand yourself, you don’t know where you stand, where you’re heading, who you’re trying to become. It is not easy, some days seem hard, sometimes it seems impossible, at times it even seems better to give up than to try ad pave the way for your own being. But the truth is, that is exactly the process, the path, the routine to evolving – it is meant to be that way, there is no easy way through it or simple path to take. Be patient with yourself – you will overcome, mature, rise and be more than jusy okay – just learn to be patient with yourself.
~ Naaveesa

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