I Think This is the Time

I think this is the time that u can really find yourself again, I think you need to take a moment- take a step back, press pause, Reflect.. and use this as a period in your life where u can re-invest in your own happiness, your own fulfillment.

Ask yourself questions like, what is it..I’m really passionate about? What am I excited about? what is it that really fuels n drives me? And when u start there.. you will find that you wont be looking for someone else to fill…those gaps…& one of the things that I really want you to remember is that… “It’s not about being with someone who makes u happy, it’s about being someone who makes u happy..”
~ Preetam Mohanty

Please share, it really helps! :) <3

Hari Quoter
Hari Quoter
Hari is the one who removes darkness and illusion, so the name just fits perfectly, to remove darkness and illusions with the quotes. It also rhymed perfectly with Harry Potter :D giving rise to our fictional Quote master!
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