Crystal Skulls: Living Libraries or Artifacts?

Crystal skulls have been a source of mystery and awe for a long time. Some believe that crystal skulls are mystical tools for connecting with higher dimensions and they have the power to aid healing. While archaeologists, scientists, who don’t support these claims, think that these skulls are nothing more than interesting artifacts skilfully carved by humans!

The ancient and rare crystal skulls are in shape of a human skull and made from various types of quartz crystals, and interestingly, its the same material which is used to make micro chips. Believers say that the crystal skull is like a computer that records frequency and energy surrounding them, stores information and knowledge of people who’ve worked with them in ancient times.

The Crystal Skulls have found mention in many tribal indigenous communities in North America, the Mayans, the Incans and even Tibetan Himalayan shamanism.

Spiritual teacher Star Johnsen Moser with her crystal skulls
Spiritual teacher Star Johnsen Moser with her crystal skulls

In my quest to dig deeper into this topic I interviewed Star Johnsen Moser, a spiritual healer who has been the keeper of many ancient crystal skulls, has worked with Mayan Elders and international groups at sacred sites in Central America for 16 years and is considered to be a powerful teacher and universal fire woman.

She talks about her experiences with crystal skulls, communication with them in a very old language, activation ceremonies and speculations surrounding the skulls.

What do you think the skulls are, energies or connections with Beings of other places?

I feel that crystal skulls can serve multiple functions, depending upon the skill and/or intent of the user. My own initial perception was that they are portals through which inter-dimensional Beings can travel. The first crystal skull I worked with was MAX, an ancient crystal skull originally found in Guatemala, through which I had a dramatic encounter with a Being who identified itself as TAK, a “Light Being” from a location I am assuming to be in the Orion nebula because “TAK” means Orion in the Tibetan language according to J.J. Hurtak, author of “The Keys of Enoch”. For many years I have been deepening my relationship with this consciousness of Supreme Oneness, and have now come to understand it as an inter-dimensional part of ourselves like Collective Universal Consciousness.

What type of experiences or healing, people have had in the presence of crystal skulls?
The healing work that I have been facilitating for many years with my crystal skulls is to work with the Light for realignment of all of the subtle energy fields, chakras, nadis, and Lightgrids for the purpose of reconnection to our common source of Love and Oneness.

I have witnessed many people have very deep, life changing transformational experiences, as old patterns of pain and limitation are released and transmuted by the Light.

Altar made of crystal skulls and sacred objects
The Altar with crystal skulls and other sacred objects

Sometimes a person’s path or direction becomes clearer to them, and sometimes their spiritual gifts are activated. Most experience a very deep feeling of peace and Oneness.

Where do these skulls originate from?

There are crystal skulls that have been supposedly found all over the world, with many stories attached to them: in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Peru, China, Mongolia, Tibet, New Zealand, etc. Some are obviously carved by humans and some mysteriously show no signs of tool markings at all. Some of them are living libraries, containing cosmic or galactic records that certain sensitives can tap into.

Could some of them have originated from the stars, brought here by our ancient ancestors?

For example, through the Mitchell-Hedges skull I experienced the memory of Maldek, a planet that once existed in our solar system but is now the asteroid belt. Some say that this skull is not ancient, that it was carved in Germany in the late 1800’s.

But the crystal from which it was carved is very ancient, it took ages for the crystal to grow to the size of 12 lbs. Was the crystal brought here from Maldek, or did the Old Ones come here and program the knowledge into the crystal to hold the records here on Earth for future generations? I think these are questions that none of us can truly answer.

You have worked with various ancient artifacts, how are they different from one another? Do they have specific powers?
Each of the ancient artifacts with which I have worked is totally unique and has it’s own records, it’s own experiences and stories to tell just like each one of us has.

Crystal skulls
The divine power of the crystal skulls

When I was in Guatemala I did an Activation Ceremony with an ancient wooden statue found in the rainforest by Mayan priests that was so old that it was crystalizing! They felt it was Lemurian in origin. That night I slept in the room above the statue and had a very profound experience with a gigantic, fat black man who appeared and blew fire into each one of my chakras! From that experience I connected with our ancient, primal Lemurian energy.

On another occasion, I was working with Max in Los Angeles and a man showed up with an ancient artifact from Easter Island, a Kahuna stone. This stone was inscribed with strange symbols, and was found in the jungle by his grandmother who bequeathed it to him when he was a little boy.

The energy of this stone was so strong that I had to go and lay down to integrate it! I was guided to use the Kahuna stone in the Activation Ceremony with Max, and this amazing power blew Max energetically wide open!!

Artifacts can activate other artifacts, as well as people, sacred sites, etc. When I began working with my so-called ancient Himalayan crystal skull, I felt many Tibetan lamas present as Guardians of this artifact. I also felt the pain of the Tibetan people for everything that they have lost.

A little about the activation ceremonies and its proceedings? What is the experience like?

Crystal skulls activation ceremony
Star Johnsen Moser during an activation ceremony

We construct our altar in the center of the room with all of our crystal skulls and other sacred objects and the Stargates, which are very powerful Atlantean Light enhancement tools utilizing double-terminated quartz crystals, rotating wheels inscribed with sacred symbols, and sacred geometries. We project our collective energies into this sacred center as we work with sound through drumming, voice, and other instruments of sound, and build up together a tremendous amount of energy.

At first a mighty Presence emerges from our collective consciousness, our Unified Oneness, and we work with this Presence in channeling the Light and sharing frequencies with ourselves and with the planet.

Mitchell Hedges crystal skull
The controversial Mitchell Hedges crystal skull

A portal has been created and opened, and various other multi-dimensional aspects may emerge, such as our Divine Female Presence, or a higher aspect from some other star system, or from inside the earth.

I watched a documentary where archaeologists and the scientific community claim that there is no evidence of any unusual phenomena associated with the skulls, your views?

I feel that researchers who choose to be limited by their third dimensional, strictly scientific approach to what crystal skulls can offer are really missing out on the big picture! If what they say is true, than why is it that thousands of people all over the world are being drawn to work with crystal skulls?

Read more about my experience with crystal skulls

Please share, it really helps! :) <3

Bhavika is a nature-lover, aspiring yogini, traveler and co-founder of Fractal Enlightenment, who strives to help fellow beings reconnect with nature and their true selves. Thank you for being part of this journey.


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