A Shamanic Journey with Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls have always been fascinating; legend says that these are ancient tools to connect with the universal consciousness. This time I had the opportunity to be part of a shamanic gathering, organised by Anahata Foundation, with Star Johnsen Moser – a powerful spiritual healer who has been the keeper of many ancient crystal skulls and has worked with Mayan Elders and international groups at sacred sites in Central America for 16 years. It was a revelation of sorts and a very inward journey for me.

Here’s more about it.
The setting:

The altar was set up in the center of the room, its the sacred space to place the crystal skulls – Amakua and Xamaku – the 4 Stargates, which are very powerful Atlantean Light and energy enhancement tools utilizing double-terminated quartz crystals, rotating wheels inscribed with sacred symbols and sacred geometric figures, bowl of water, and sacred objects placed at the altar by participants.

Brazilian and Himalayan crystal skulls Xamuku and Amakua
The Brazilian and Himalayan crystal skulls, Xamuku and Amakua, are powerful healing and activation tools

Star Johnsen Moser placing crystal skulls at the altar
Star Johnsen Moser setting up the altar prior to the ceremony

It starts with sharing information about the crystal skulls, its divine powers, the Mayan tree of life – it represents the axis mundi and shows the three realms of underworld, earth, and heaven. The ceremony begins with smudging to drive out the negative energy, feelings etc., this was followed by Star applying a sacred oil on the forehead of each participant and giving few drops of a flower essence linked to the energy which will be activated in the ceremony.

The altar with crystal skulls star gates and other sacred objects
The altar with crystal skulls, star gates and other sacred objects

The group works with sounds – drum beats, singing bowl, bell, rattle, chanting (Pagan earth songs) – as we projected our collective energies into this sacred center. Crystal skulls respond and resonate with light and sound, this built up together a tremendous amount of vibrational frequency. In the video below, Star explains more about the crystal skulls, how the ancient ones used it, and the usage of quartz in the present technology –

Stargates with sacred geometry symbols inscribed on them
Stargates with sacred geometry symbols inscribed on them, they act like energy enhancers during light activation ceremony

The room bursts into a cacophony of sound, the chanting gets louder, like each one was on a path to receive the light. As it builds up, Star, in an altered state, begins to talk in another language, referred by her as ‘TAK’, and soon, another participant enters a similar space. It’s the emerging of the mighty presence from our collective consciousness, as we worked with this presence in channelling the light and sharing frequencies with ourselves and Mother Earth. It was overwhelming, the symbol of infinity flashed before my eyes and I went in a state of trance. I felt the presence in the first two sessions, but it got even more intense on the second day of the workshop!

Exploring our Multidimensionality: The Divine Female & Male Presence

Each session was focused on various aspects of our multi-dimensional self – this one focused on the Divine Female Presence, followed by the male presence and ultimately the sacred union of both.

Participants had to gather early and this time it was a mind-expanding event. As the chanting and the drumming started, I was engulfed in waves of cosmic energy. I could feel the vibrations travel through my veins and I channelled that energy to various parts of my body, and started to feel liberated, like a release of the multi-layers that conceal the real self.

Intense session at the crystal skulls light activation ceremony
Intense session at the crystal skulls light activation ceremony

It was an extraordinary experience, every breath I exhaled I felt an intangible force erupting from my mouth, like the negativity or release of some sort. Tears began to roll down my cheek, without really knowing the reason for the outburst. I’ve never felt like this before in my life. For minutes after the blissful experience, I couldn’t hold my fingers still, as I was still reeling from the high amount of energy. In fact everyone’s face was lit up and we hugged each other in happiness, I felt empowered!

The next one focused on the ‘divine male presence’, which brought out lot of sadness, I felt I was going down a tunnel with no end in sight, I could hear people sobbing like they had to face their deepest fear. There was an intense sensation lingering in my throat, which subsided when the drumming stopped. During lunch time, the feeling sank in further as if I was the saddest person on the planet, I had lot of work to do on myself, I said, and this led to the final session of the retreat.

The Sacred Union

Mayan tree of life depicting different gods
Mayan tree of life depicting different gods

Known as the sacred union of both the male and female energy, this session was the transformation stage. I visualised a black butterfly flying around, which is the symbol of transformation, and the energy was concentrated on my forehead this time, and I was in sync with the pulsating sound of the drum, it couldn’t have ended better. Shades of purple and white flashed before me and I was in a state of bliss, a complete contrast to the earlier session. In fact people also experienced a spiritual orgasm.

Sun rays piercing through the clouds like a spotlight
Beautiful location
Beautiful location
Beautiful location

Here’s one of the Earth song from the ceremony, its called ‘The Earth is our mother’ and has Pagan origins. If you want to read some of the songs and chants, here it is –

We were connected to the ancient crystal skull energies, Mayan wisdom and the transformational amplified energy field created by her crystal stargates. Each one’s experience was different, and they received what was meant for them at that moment. I had gone for this event with an absolute open mind, reading about it or watching videos on it, is always different then actually being part of an expansive shamanic journey. The experience deepened my understanding of the Mayan saying, ‘In Lakech’ which means ‘I am another you,’ because I felt that at various stages during the workshop.

Please share, it really helps! :) <3

Bhavika is a nature-lover, aspiring yogini, traveler and co-founder of Fractal Enlightenment, who strives to help fellow beings reconnect with nature and their true selves. Thank you for being part of this journey.


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