Andres Amador’s Captivating Beach Art

Amador beach art of waves and fractals
Amador’s waves pattern

Throughout history, the evolution of art can be traced through the works of visionary artists who pioneered a new form of artistic expression. One such artist, who is busy livening up the beaches around San Francisco, is Andres Amador; beach artist extraordinaire.

Inspired by fractals, the building blocks of life, and organic patterns, his art literally comes to life during the couple of hours he races against the tide to create one of his larger than life pieces of art. Using the entire beach as a canvas, he carefully turns the sand with nothing but a garden rake, stick and a sketch for reference, to create intricate and beautiful designs.

The 41-year old artist was first inspired by sacred geometry and the crop circle phenomenon in England and then evolved to make organic patterns and fractals. Fractal Enlightenment contacted Andres, who shed light on using the beach as the canvas, his growing relationship with organic patterns and its ability to raise consciousness of other people.

Andres says, “The main motivator has been the level of personal insight I have received from exploring mandalas, fractals, and natural patterns, moirés.

Alien graffiti beach art by Andres Amador
It was awakened in a big way while exploring pathways of energy made tangible through body-oriented disciplines such as contact improvisation and martial arts among others. The art that arose was a representation of the energy I experienced in my movement practices.

Andres Amador beach artist
Andres Amador

I began to see the pathways of energy represented in patterns found in nature, the patterns of life expressing itself. This is when I was able to move from making geometric art to making the organic designs. Fractals feel alive. Patterns found in nature suggest life happening or having happened. That translated into the organic art I make- it often feels alive. In a way it is alive, for the designs have ‘grown’ in the way that a fractal does. When I tapped into the aspect of ‘growing’ a design, suddenly the art was able to get very large while also responsive to the conditions on the beach in the moment.”

For Andres, it’s about more than just drawing in the sand, “The exploration and development that goes into the art has elevated and continues to elevate my being. It feeds my soul on so many fronts.”

Amador using a rake to make designs on sand
Amador uses only a rake and stick to make the sand drawings

He calls these captivating pieces of art Playa Paintings.

Beautiful designs by Amador on Jersey beach
Beautiful designs by Amador on Jersey beach
Playa painting Shells by Amador

The sheer scale of his art can make jaws drop. “The beach is an amazing canvas, albeit not a very reliable one. It is different every time I visit. I love being able to create in such a wonderful environment. And working with this medium, there is no mess to clean up, nothing to put away or store. The ocean prepares a fresh canvas daily.”

The impermanence of his art is a constant reminder of his own mortality and the state of all things in life. “Sometimes the end comes dramatically, as in eroding major sections of the artwork all at once (a number of times while I was still at work). Sometimes it occurs more slowly, a little bit at a time. I stay long enough to appreciate the creation. But truly, for me it is the act of making it that generates the life of the art and my connection to it,” says Andres.

Andres Amador art, clouds and fractal organic patterns
Clouds and fractal pattern on sand

He hopes that his art will eventually remind people of how wondrous yet fragile life is, urging them to look within for all of life’s answers. “I had grand motives when I first started. At the beginning my designs were all geometric, mandala-esque. While not versed in lineages that engaged such symbols, I recognized the consciousness raising power of the designs I was creating. I started printing and giving away postcards envisioning them adorning fridges, office cubicles, and altars, places of high visibility to be a constant offering.

Sunburst beach art by Andres Amador

However, I have never intended to send any particular message with my art (the exception-I made the Biohazard symbol in response to a recent oil spill in the SF bay).

The message of any particular artwork comes through in its own time and manner. In this way my art has actually influenced my own consciousness.

There have been designs that once made into a card and hung on my wall, I would unexpectedly receive insights that have proven beneficial in navigating life. Ultimately my desire is to offer wonder and positivity into the world in a way that sparks contemplation.”

Playa painting woven crescents geometric pattern
Woven crescents

Andres is set to make a big move and settle in the deserts of Utah to be part of an international community that aims to bring sustainable living to the world. “The art will shift to reflect my new environment. I see that new directions will continue to arise but that there is a common thread through my arts.”

Andres Amador shall undoubtedly continue spreading his awe-inspiring pieces of work with all humanity in the hope that the few lives he touches, through this intriguing art form, are inspired enough to look within.

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