Graham Hancock’s TED Talk ~ the War on Consciousness

I have been an avid fan of TED talks and we have even featured a few TED videos on this site. TED itself has definitely helped in spreading a lot of knowledge and showcasing some awesome people. But when TED pulls down content and doesn’t offer a good enough reason as to why, you have to be a little curious.

Graham Hancock’s talk on, ‘the War on Consciousness’ at TEDx Whitechapel was pulled down, and now a debate page has been put up, quite strange and it points to the fact that TED is not here to bring about change especially when it comes to invoking consciousness.

Graham Hancock talks about something very interesting; he connects ancient civilizations that evolved their consciousness by consuming psychoactive plants or fungus such as the Amanita muscaria, he talks about how cave drawings are related to visions seen during altered states of consciousness.

He then talks about Amazonian Shamans who discovered Ayahuasca and how could they combine the two plants out of thousands of species in the tropical forest to create their magical brew. Hancock also explains his personal Ayahuasca experience and how it changed his life and how it can benefit the entire species to have an experience like this.

He ends up with how today, exploring consciousness is trampled upon by governments and ruling forces, Hancock states that this shouldn’t be allowed as its an individual’s choice to explore consciousness.
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Well we do agree with what he says, especially towards the end where, we as a collective need to evolve our consciousness to solve problems such as war, poverty, food, drugs and so many more that have been created by our current level of consciousness.

As Albert Einstein puts it, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Watch the video and see if you find reason for it to be pulled down from TED? Don’t forget to let TED know how you feel.

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  1. Slightly out of synch. Ted : The talk is a passionate explanation of our striving for access to higher understanding. Exploring the freedom of sovereign individuals to experience traditional shamanistic methods of opening up to higher realms of consciousness. Ted please reconsider.

  2. This talk is so important for the betterment of society..Whoever decided to pull it must be very afraid of knowing the truth….yet the TRUTH…being “THE TRUTH” must be known by all humankind, whether we are unnecessarily afraid of knowing or not………

  3. TED is a great source of information and taking down an informative talk is going against the very reason TED exists, if some one is opposed to this talk then don’t have to watch it or don’t have to follow what it is saying … simple as that but do not take it away from people who want to hear these talks. Don’t force on people what they can hear and what they can not.

  4. Enlightened talk about scientifically backed process and postulation on what this may mean to us individually and as a race. I don’t find any of it offensive.

  5. Our incredible planet in the hands of the politicians, corporations and organized religion.

    It leads man ever closer to his ultimate destruction.

    Only consciousness can awaken humanity.

    Intelligence is consciousness.

    The ultimate experience of being.

    True education leads to the discovery that thoughts must cease for your real nature to be.

    Knowing oneself is intelligence.

    Consciousness is far beyond the reach of thinking, logic and reason.

  6. I don’t think so Vivek Kumar. I have listened and watched David Icke discuss his own DMT experience (watch it on youtube). He certainly would not be against Graham Hancock’s discussion since he is in favour of natural psychedelics for the purpose of spiritual exploration. Maybe you just have issues with David and are projecting.

  7. What many people don’t know is that TED does not pay any of their speakers, yet they charge hundreds of dollars per seat per talk, or thousand for a weekend pass to see multiple talks. Where does that money go? I too have enjoyed TED and TEDx talks over the years, but don’t like their business model. They should pass a portion of their profits on to the speakers, who after all are the real draw.

  8. To me it is absurd that they would pull this video down. He is talking about something that is not only relative to the times, but i feel also imperative for everyone to at the very least think about and wonder for their own lives. We cannot progress unless people start thinking about their own consciousness, and the collective consciousness. He is talking about scientifically backed information, why pull it down? I believe those who are afraid to make people think and challenge the status quo are just as guilty as those who commit crime.

  9. I cannot believe Ted removed the talks, totally ridiculous, they are brilliant talks very informative and in respect to the Hancock talk, perfectly delivered and couldn’t be any closer to the truth


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