‘Lifting the Skirt’ with Amanda Sage’s Art

‘Empowering’ was the first word that popped in my head when I went into/entered the visionary world of artist Amanda Sage. Based in Los Angeles, Amanda aims to create portals that open to the infinite possibilities of being and expressing, to help remember and re-discover who we really are, where we originate from and where we are headed.

One of the main reason I love visionary art is because of the experience of losing yourself into multiple dimensions blended to perfection to narrate a cosmic story on a single canvas. Through her art, Amanda seeks to challenge the viewer to question and evolve out of ignorance and dissolve the conditioning by the society.

Fractal Enlightenment got in touch with Amanda to know more about her art, inspiration, her experience with the pioneer of visionary art – Ernst Fuchs – and what lies ahead.

Visionary artist Amanda Sage
Visionary artist Amanda Sage

“I feel driven to explore and push the boundaries of what I see and understand and at the same time seek balance and beauty through my art. I would say that the path has defined the result and that visionary art choose me.

As a child I remember seeing colored energy fields around people, and I feel that through painting I am remembering and looking even deeper,” she said.

Amanda Sage painting the shaman
The Shaman

Her adventurous spirit carried her to Bali, then on to Vienna, Austria to study classical painting with Michael Fuchs, resulting in becoming a long time painting assistant to Ernst Fuchs. “At times it was the most difficult thing that I knew. When I was working with him, he was like a slave driver who expected me to be painting or doing something for him all the time.

At the same time though, there was so much genius wrapped into many of the projects, and I really had to learn to be flexible. The level of unwavering commitment that he has for his art and vision was inspiring to say the least. And most of all how he would always look at his work with fresh eyes and challenge himself and the viewer.”

Ana Suromai visionary art by amanda sage
Ana Suromai – Women have been lifting their skirts for centuries to ward off evil and enhance fertility. This symbolic act is also found in mythologies of various cultures, specifically in those of ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, Ireland, Africa, Indonesia & Japan

One of her most talked about piece is ‘Ana-Suromai,’ derived from the Greek word meaning ‘to lift the skirt’. According to Amanda, this painting is an outcry a visual denouncement of the corrupt system that has brought our world to a state of chaos, based on greed, war profiteering, and the mindless consumption by the masses.

“It symbolizes the awakening of our personal power, shocking one into introspection as this system is in the process of crumbling.” This painting was unveiled at the 2011 Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert.

the oracle by visionary artist amanda sage
The Oracle

If you look closely you will find that an egg is a recurring symbol in many of her paintings, Amanda explained, “I consciously began using an egg in 2006 after going on a vision quest to find the perfect form that I could put anything in and feel completely safe to explore and unfold within.

This form appeared to me in a painting titled ‘Dreams,’ where a mystical snake held an egg in its mouth. I see it now as a window or doorway into infinite realms of reality.”

Gateway to the Emerald Kingdom by Amanda Sage
Gateway to the Emerald Kingdom

Often developing these ideas takes a lot of effort and one is always confronted with having to make a choice.

She explained, “When I am painting, I often find peace, and/or a battlefield that whisks me into a problem solving world…Even as I go down dark, destructive paths looking for the light, the pressure of those places drives me to see where I want to go even clearer. Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself.”

mind psychedelic painting

Its always difficult for an artist to be able to pick one painting that reflects their journey on this path, but Amanda gave it a shot.”The painting that speaks the most of the dream I care so deeply about is ‘Regeneration’. It is deeply personal and reflects a journey that I am on and discovering.”

Amanda Sage favorite painting regeneration
Regeneration – “It has an overall uplifting vibration about it and is about celebration, healing and love.”

Seeking inspiration from various visionary artists like Frida Kahlo, Leanora Carrington, Remedios Varo, Salvador Dali, Mati Klarwein, Robert Venosa and Alex Grey, Amanda has played a prominent role in the growing visionary art movement through exhibiting, teaching and participating in major festivals.

spirit visionary art
Spirit visionary art

She is set to open the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art along with her colleagues this fall. “Besides I have a new series of paintings to embark on as I also explore and travel the world as a witness on a grand quest to support the blossoming of planetary consciousness,” she explained.

orphic awakening amanda sage
Orphic Awakening

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Bhavika is a nature-lover, aspiring yogini, traveler and co-founder of Fractal Enlightenment, who strives to help fellow beings reconnect with nature and their true selves. Thank you for being part of this journey.


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