The Fractal Hologram: A Story of Death and Rebirth

You can feel it, can’t you? I’m talking about the collective sickness that lives within us and is projected into the physical world around us. The cancer has grown and spread throughout our bodies.

We are now terminally ill. Don’t be afraid. Fear is not the answer. Fear is the disease. It’s going to kill you. It’ll kill us all. This is a story of death and rebirth.

Looking through the pages of human history we find a common trend; an endless pattern of creation and annihilation. A dream within a dream becomes misguided by fear and we scramble to hold on to an intangible illusion. Every thought that we subjectively experience sends a ripple throughout the super hologram.

Like billions of spiders building a web, we co-create a matrix of information to be perceived as reality. Our individual perception of this reality is but a single pattern within an infinite fractal. The more powerful our beliefs become, the more they influence the super hologram.

Consciousness creates. Everywhere we look we will find. What we find depends on what we believe. What we see outside of us is but a projection of what lives within us. We pass down our stories from one generation to the next; idolizing the righteous heroes that have courageously faced the demons of their time in order to save the day. It is an endless expression of duality. We create darkness just to have a void to fill with our own light.
The demons that we’re fighting are our own creations. The monsters that we see in the world around us live inside of us. We are not at war with some dark force that is independent of ourselves. We are at war with our self. We have created a disease for which there is no cure.

Created by fear, our sickness has become manifested within the matrix and continues to spread. We seek to heal ourselves, but yet we perpetuate the disease. From the disease model of medicine to the planet’s polluted environment, it is all a reflection of the sickness that lives within us.

We cannot heal our self individually without healing the entire super hologram. You see, an interesting characteristic of a hologram is that if you look at any small part of the hologram, you see the entire hologram. This is the fractal universe.

We are one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively from infinite perspectives; united by love. The hologram is merely a web of information; an illusion. Understand that who you are beneath form and self-identification is indestructible. The body will die, but that which animates the body will live on.

The disease has contaminated the ego, and it is terminally ill. Like the phoenix, humanity must die and be reborn from the ashes. The individual self must die before we can evolve to compassionately embrace the whole of existence as our self. Stop fearing the suffering that you experience. We are all experiencing it. It is part of our transformation.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could spare them from all suffering? No, it wouldn’t. They would not evolve as human beings and would remain shallow, identified with the external form of things. Suffering drives you deeper. The paradox is that suffering is caused by identification with form and erodes identification with form. A lot of it is caused by the ego, although eventually suffering destroys the ego–but not until you suffer consciously.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

We currently stand on the threshold of transformation unlike anything ever before experienced. Through the awakening of our true self, we will live together in harmony with the understanding that although we perceive our existence subjectively, we are all a single being. We are one light that is fragmented into many colors.

When you suffer in this life, remember that this is only a dream. Tell yourself that fear is a liar. Only love exists, and it is who you are fundamentally. Be here now and enjoy the journey. Experience the duality and uncertainty with faith, knowing that this is a passing dream that you chose to experience. To awaken is to find yourself at home in each step.

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