Humans of Manufactured Purpose

Until we are born we don’t have any perception of existence riddling within us, we are lovingly thrust into birth by the biological frivolity of corporeal matter and witness the first moments in our life of purest expression.


As children we interact through experience and expression free of thought and any form of applied psychological conditioning. Our reactions are spontaneous responses to any action in our presence and not plagued with any latent feelings of carving or aversion we deal with, as we journey to what we are led to believe is growth.

“A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.” ~ Paulo Coelho

We are indoctrinated with popular acceptances of notion and limitation forged, veiled within the guise of self-improvement and education. Names are a peculiar sort of baggage that weigh us down with a socially manufactured purpose.

This is not present with us at our time of inception into this collective dream, yet forged of inheritance. It obscures us from our truest purpose of self-awareness and causes us to evolve within the confines of a system we designed.
Our higher agenda is for existence as beings of pure love and expression, as life is a celebration of individual existence and consciousness to have common experiences and relations through communication and all our other senses.


Although remarkable, our system of life today holds a glimpse of artificial selection in human evolution, which has molded our minds to accept that which we cannot understand. Our purpose and identity should be found not bequeathed through the loins of karma.

Schools are a mechanism for deliverance of man’s initial encouragement to the proselytization of popular beliefs into the minds of all the institutionalized populace. Where crucial formative years are spent processing information fed for the sole purpose of regurgitation and rote knowledge, like a donkey led by a carrot at the end of its rider’s stick.

We grow competing within our selves for grades to get to good colleges, to land good jobs, to further the evolution of this labyrinth, our induction into our fabrication of selective evolution through competition, furthering the outreach of man over nature to man over mankind. As we evolve competing within our own kind, our machinery evolve to our desired needs to meet their desired ends and over time this has well outweighed our harmony with nature.

If something were born within another it would not exist outside of it without the space surrounding the one in which it was born. If two entities were to evolve in the absence of each other then none would exist within this situation without the other.

We are currently being driven through our reflection in the material world for our vain and shallow propensities. These reflections are a result of how our perception views ourselves. How the fabricated concept of the individual through its name and derived purpose eclipse our purest reflections. Our lives need to be molded around our aural and spiritual vibrations and progression needs to move from person to consciousness.
Our perception is a build up of perspectives from the countless mediums of knowledge available to our race. While these are all excruciatingly vital for our preservation and evolution, it is also a limitation to the boundaries of experiential knowledge. All mediums of information are a form of communication and are therefore influenced by the consciousness of the interpreter. Their perception acts as a translator for the esoteric channelization during their experience of the relevant piece of knowledge.

All works of expression when viewed as a doorway to the actual experience that led to the cognition of the manifested tangibility beckons for personal involvement. A craving for experience, a thirst for pure self-witnessed knowledge.

It’s interesting to view these doorways as equivalents of parallel dimensional portals as once we embark on the voyage of experience we forever revolutionize our perceptions’ progression and the possibilities are equivocally vast.

Experiences may often be ambiguously different as many times as the number of people who embark on a certain experience, which enkindles the spark of potential for expression within each human being.

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