Time to Grow Up: Which Element of the Child Archetype is Resonating in You?

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” ~ Tom Robbins

We have every single archetype that has ever been imagined living within us. And, whether it’s active or dormant, it’s still there.

If everything that can be imagined can ‘come true’ and the action of perceiving something can cause it to change, then which archetypes we chose to focus on in our lives is entirely up to us dependent on what our soul wishes to learn and express in this lifetime… so which one do you most identify with?

Though all six child archetypes are to be found somewhere within us, there is more likely than not to be one that you can use to close the doors on your past for good and reawaken the innocence that so longs to flow out.

This article, covers the following topics :


wounded child archetypeWounded children are often labeled as very colicky babies. They cry for no reason, are deeply compassionate for their fellow humans as well as animals, and can be frustratingly oversensitive (if there is such a thing.)

Their shadow is being swallowed up in inexplicable depression and grief, perhaps from past lives spent in overwhelming sadness. The shadow wounded child will self harm; anything to enable the pain to seep out.

Use the wounded child to experience suffering without labeling it. As Buddha’s disciple Ananda did, meditate on your suffering and enter it rather than try to escape it. Put yourself in a safe place and face those demons.

Don’t let darkness become your identity. Instead use it as a tool to reach the light, only your fear of it gives it strength. Wherever it is coming from you must face it and let it lie forever.


orphan archetype Similar to the Wounded aspect, the Orphan clings to the past and certain events that caused the individual to miss out on the process of healthy, loving attachment to one or more parental figures.

Searching for a surrogate family, rejecting and shutting the whole world out or intense feelings of superego and an overindulgent sense of entitlement will be the shadow.

Instead of resisting it, practice self love in order to accept yourself and situation and consistently recognize what you do have with gratitude. Don’t be a victim, everyone has lessons and yours, though difficult, will invariably not be the worst. Take responsibility for the lessons you have chosen and do that superego justice by leading an extraordinary life.


magical child archetypeThe Magical child really does believe there are fairies living at the bottom of their garden. Magical children can often spend too much time daydreaming and purposefully being detached from reality, but in a fuzzy, slightly damaging fashion as it distances them from others and frustrates those who love them.

The Magical child is dazzled by fairytales and literature and is waiting for someone to come along and rescue them. The bottom line is that no-one is going to rescue you. Find that child and explore the moment they became detached – was it circumstantial? Were you trying to escape the present?

Parents arguing? People ignoring you? Did you become invisible and have forgotten how to call attention anymore? Magicals can often fall prey to addictions and waste their lives in pipedreams. Take a long hard look at your life and ask yourself if you’re a different person to who you were ten years ago… and if not, you need to change your habits.


eternal child-archetypePeter Pan is the best example of this archetype but many celebrities spring to mind when it comes to the Eternal child. Eternal children can be very successful and leaders of their pack because they either easily recall what it was like to be a child and can easily step back into their shoes, or put this to good creative use marketing products or writing books for children.

Invariably exhibiting the more endearing brand of innocence, Eternals will stay this way, well, forever because they don’t really face any major roadblocks or intense hurdles that force them to examine it.

The main one may be the desire to be taken seriously and Eternals can often get frustrated when people snigger at them behind their backs. Adults with an Eternal child at heart need to look at where they’re dodging responsibility in their lives. Are they leading other children into false dreams at the expense of their own egos?

Does the expression of their dream not really apply to their followers or is it unethical globally or environmentally? Times are changing, and for those who stubbornly refuse to grow up may struggle with reactions from others and gain unwelcome interference if they don’t do something about it.


nature child archetype Nature children are similar to Magical ones, but with an emphasis on being in nature. Nature or wild children have been reported who actually live alongside (sometimes dangerous) animals and in hostile environments. Their shadow selves however can often be the complete rejection of this due to outside pressures and the norms of society.

The shadow will lead them to actively destroy the natural world with anything from constant littering to leading conglomerates into wiping out natural habitats. This shadow can be extremely dangerous and should be confronted and nurtured.

It seems obvious, but to heal the wounded Nature child within you – go outside! Perhaps others projected onto you that you were weird, unemotionally attached to other people or even perverse, but let me tell you they were all wrong. It’s OK to feel more of an affinity to animals or more at peace sitting in a field with your own company.

In a world where the extrovert wins every time, people can be quick to judge and label you as antisocial when in actual fact the rejection of nature can lead to great health problems and un-centered energy. Go out bare foot into the world and let your frazzled energy become grounded, recharge your batteries and breathe.


holy-child-archetype The final aspect of the Child archetype, is the Divine child. Divine children are often only here for a short time in order to remind their parents that the angels are nearby and that life is impermanent.

Often infant fatalities, though distressing and heartbreaking all ‘round, are often simply acts of the angels taking a child once they have completed their vital, though extremely short life contracts.

The shadow of the Divine child who makes it into adulthood is the rejection of their life purpose by getting dragged down into the spoils of karma, however this is rare due to their higher calling.

If you do feel like you have the Divine child close to the surface, it’s time to make that jump from everyday aid and healing of others, into living in the higher love and bliss for good.

You are probably close to enlightenment and need to face up to what is delaying you. Everything occurring in perfect timing, it will happen. It’s entirely up to you when.

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.


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