Three Ways to Become One With Your Higher Self

“Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional.” ~ Haruki Murakami

OK, I know. Functioning on a low vibration is just so much easier. Why take on more, your soul in perfection, your supposed destiny when you can sit back and coast? Being inert, static… no stagnant is just so satisfyingly anti-life. It’s a rejection of life and the gift you have been given. Better settle for that. It should be enough.

Except it really isn’t. Inside every single last one of us there is a nugget of divine rock getting sharpened and shined up and waiting for the right moment to release itself in all its diamond-like glorious-ness. You’ve known all along this day would come. So why is it that you still wait?

chakras2It’s incredibly frightening, not knowing that we might fail and might be useless and meaningless after all, but that we hold such power and force of emotion in the first place!

How terrifying to have known all your life that you were made for great things and will one day (because let’s face it, IS inevitable) burst forth, ripe from your cocoon and become divinity in human form.

As Aristotle outlines in his work Physics where he states that, paradoxically, the two highest forms of nature are both the Divine Mind of perfection that is aimed for and the natural urge to move towards it… despite the fact that all is a part of this Divine mind and is therefore already perfect.

Are we still hurtling out of the darkness towards the light in an inexorable journey with no intention of ever reaching its goal, or are we already there but in need of uncovering the treasure within? The answer, probably non-linear and all encompassing and far too complex to understand with the human brain, is actually quite simple.

Some say the Divine self is higher even than your soul. Some, like James Hillman, asserts that we have both our perfection and the soul’s destiny or true potential locked up inside of us, yet available for the taking or not.

“Each life is formed by its unique image, an image that is the essence of that life and calls it to a destiny. As the force of fate, this image acts as a personal daimon, an accompanying guide who remembers your calling.” ~ James Hillman, The Soul’s Code

So we have the choice to become Divine or fulfill our destiny, it’s not etched in stone but something we must each individually chose to become. It is conceivable that we’re like the Holy Trinity; a trio of guide, Divine and perfect self and the soul just looking up in wonder.

So how do we begin to even start to transcend to such heights? We can start with, slowly but surely, with the skill of the sloth clinging on for dear life on the tree, to wade out of the low vibrations around us and begin to really sit up and pay attention to our spiritual paths.

It won’t be easy, but if we are really serious, we have it in us to become Gods and move mountains. Like any other task of changing the macrocosm, we must first work on the micro.

Here are three ways you can become one with your higher self ~

Take Responsibility

Take responsibility. Take responsibility for everything in your life. Start seeing yourself as the center of the universe where everything relates to. This is all you can change, only this, so start small and recognize that everything starts with you. Catch yourself whining about what that other person did to get your back up and look within.

See that every single thing that has happened to you actually WAS controlled and desired for by you (yes even external events supposedly under the control of someone else like car accidents and fatal disease).

Look into your guide or higher self and see yourself as the puppet master – you are pulling the strings and will be for the rest of your life.

People often say that whatever we believe will happen to us at the moment of death of the body. I find this in particular a real eye-opener as to the degree of control we really hold.

Forget about contracts written with family members, events that were pre-destined. If you and your perception completely control how you might experience your own death then it’s up to you to break down those perceptions.

Become Emptiness

Sitting atop a cloud may not be quite the goal here, but the more you create space and gaps in your daily life; in the words you speak, in the retorts or advice you give, in the decisions you make, the more you will become Godly.

The creative potential present in Emptiness sloughs away the minds’ restrictions and lets us reacquaint ourselves with the larger things at hand.

To do so we need to meditate, to create silent ritual and a deep reverence for the natural cycles in our days. Just listening to silence; embracing a tree, listening to the stars or watching the clouds can make us tingle with higher vibrations. Nature is a great ally in experiencing Emptiness, and we must do it justice.

Becoming aware of our bodies and how they fit into space; the minute adjustments of weight and the constant movement breed an appreciation for Emptiness. Life is always moving yet chilling when you start tapping in and listening to the Whole.

As Japanese theatre practitioner Tadashi Suzuki teaches in his Suzuki method, when under control the body is in a continual and resplendent dance and moving from the centre; never resting but continuously in flux.

Become Egolessness

As Don Miguel Ruiz points out, when you don’t take thing personally we don’t take insults to heart, but nor do we take compliments to heart either. When we fully comprehend that everyone is acting out of their own universe, we see that we needn’t take anything into our own sacred space, instead letting everything we encounter (both negative or positive) as experience and allow it to flow over us.tumblr_mzl0i4XIHG1r7958no1_500

The wisest people I’ve ever met – probably functioning from a place of divinity in action – take nothing personally. Everything is an experience, and as impersonal as our mother and father’s impact on us really was (as in it was everything to do with them and not much to do with us), and but a whisper in the wind.

The mistake we make is to take it personally and let their and others reactions to us make an impact on us. We let it affect us. Do this, and you are constantly rising and falling on a dual for status, always tugging and pushing and being insufferably human in the process.

So pledge and become egolessness instead. Drop the persona, drop the gossip and comparison, and let every moment rise out of the death of the last. Move your ego out of the way (or as most meditation methods advise, become the watcher) and delve into the sparkly caves of your true and beautiful self.

You can rise up from nothingness if you only let it. You are not funny or clever or nice. You, are all that you are in this moment and nothing else. Accept and savour it, and let the Divine potential roll out.

Alan Watts on How to contact your Higher Self

Image Source

Adam Scott Miller

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