How to Access the Mysteries of your Akashic Records

“When we allow our soul to guide us, we are always shown the way.” ~ Sue Krebs

The Sanskrit word Akasha means ‘sky’, ‘space’, ‘luminous’ or ‘ether’; an etymology that encompasses the all-knowing aspect of the Akashic records, a term coined by H.P Blavatsky referring to them as ‘indestructible tablets of astral light’.

The Akashic Records

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, the Akashic records, or hall of the Akashic records (if it helps to visualize) is like an archive of everything that has ever been. The records hold information from all of your past, present and even future lives (see video), and are there to access at any time.

Having said that, despite the ease in which they are accessible unlike practices such as astral projection which can be used to visit them if one is already proficient, they can only be approached with good and clear intentions, and when we are using the knowledge in order to further our spiritual paths and dissolve persistent patterns of karma.

Curiosity is not enough and one should not undertake such an action lightly. Opening the doors of the hall can bring forth information you might rather have not found out about; how you died horribly in a past life, or more likely reveal reasons for the difficulties you are having in this life.

Certain ‘home truths’, although desired by the soul are also being repelled, as why else wouldn’t the hurdles have been overcome yet?

One ‘difficulty’ of the records, put forward by Alice A. Bailey in her book Light of the Soul is as follows:

“(The records contain) The life experiences of every human being since time began, the reactions to experience of the entire animal kingdom, (and) the aggregation of the thought-forms of a karmic nature (based on desire) of every human unit throughout time. Herein lies the great deception of the records.”

Unlike a library then, the Akashic records are not only a record of knowledge and fact, but an energetic storage or even the collective consciousness in its purest form and can be quite overwhelming to tap into.

Perhaps above anything else the main reason for this is that they reveal your specific relationships; the mistakes and even ‘sins’ you may have committed in relation to others making them hard to take on board.

When have you hurt others, and to what scale? First and foremost, ask yourself if you are ready. And then – and only then – take the plunge and let your intuition decide the rest. Here are some meditational steps to accessing and interpreting your records should you be so bold as to try:

This article, covers the following topics :

Clear and Good Intention


Before doing anything else, ask yourself what are the worst things that could come up without being too specific and still ready yourself for a shock. In our culture and society we are so used to seeing people and situations through tunnel vision or from within the restrictions of dualistic thinking, so be prepared to learn that you may not have been a saint in all of your past lives.

Then, state your intention to the universe. Saying something along the lines of ‘I wish to access my records in order to resolve my karma and further work towards helping those around me’ or something to that effect. Succinctly state that you are ready to do soul work and are not merely curious or negative in your desires to reveal the knowledge.

Another way to prepare would be to only ask for information that serves the good of the whole, as we should when healing others. If it’s the right time and appropriate, we will be given the green light to heal, and in the same way be given the go ahead to learn about our lives.

This would also apply to the overall picture and growth of our souls, probably revealed to us in a simplified way that we might easily understand.

Be Specific

meditatorHaving gotten into a meditative state, perhaps using candle light, doing breathing exercises for 15 minutes and getting near trance, you will now start to rely on your senses to commence the ‘access’. Make sure you frame your questions so that you might learn the most helpful parts of your past lives rather than all of the life lived.

Something like ‘what was the hardest lesson in my most recent past life and did I achieve it?’ If nothing happens it may work better if you sum up for yourself or let the emotions of your current problem (focus on one for now) stir in you and then see where it takes you.

As with all of these steps the questions are only a guide and you might find that, having stated your intention that you are immediately drawn to certain images, sounds or general sensations that take you into your first past life experience.

This may be the oldest life (first life you lived as a human… or otherwise), or the most recent, but if you trust yourself and let your soul guide you through the lessons they are more likely to be summed up or include what is most relevant to you at this time.

Keep it Brief

Like astral projection, it’s best to keep sessions brief at first until you get a knack for falling into a trance or aligning with your specific desire of what you want to get out of the sessions.

If a difficult home truth that seems so off the wall comes up, give yourself time and let it settle before examining it. The worst thing you can probably do is deny it, even if it seems so strange to you.

Just trust the process and try not to be ungracious, you might not be shown any information the next time as lack of gratitude may show you are not ready to take this trans-formative step.

If you did find out something that resonated or something you already sensed or had dreamt about, then close the file for the day and come back to it later, it’s an ongoing process and can be incredibly draining.

Soul Purpose

Having practiced this a few times, say for a week, when you next go into the trance you may be ready to learn your soul purpose. In fact, just as the law of attraction draws something to you the more you exercise it, the more you practice accessing the Akashic records the more you are showing the universe you are ready to evolve and up your vibrations.

In other words you may not start out being ready to receive your soul’s purpose or potential for this life but the experience may transform you so much that you advance in leaps and bounds over a very short time.

Whatever progress you make, the records are heavy stuff. Not only a gateway to resolve ones karma, but a time for deep healing. Be patient and good luck!

Akashic records

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Akashic records
Akashic records

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