Understanding Moon Signs and What They Say About You

“We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything else.” ~ Carl Jung

Have you ever wondered why your horoscopes are often unconvincing? Or why the description of your month’s sign sounds nothing like you, or at best, generic? It’s most likely because the sun sign is hardly enough to describe a person.

A detailed birth chart can be drawn up to review the full person; revealing that the sun sign is just the tip of the astrological iceberg. The real sign to look out for will be the moon sign.

While the sun sign gives a vague overall glimpse of the person; the moon sign delves in to emotions, the unconscious, and how one retreats from fears. It is most common that the moon sign differs from the sun, and this causes our sun sign to seem as if it’s missing a big chunk of us.

We are comprised more of emotions than of exterior, and this is why it is so important to be familiar with the moon sign, because when the sun sign explains what we do, the moon can explain why we do it.

For example, you may have your sun in Capricorn, which can make you very disciplined and ambitious; but mix it with a moon in Gemini and suddenly you’re flying, with a hand in everything, and moodiness on top of it.

There will also be positives to this mixture, as both Gemini and Capricorn are collectors of knowledge. So as you can see, every mixture has a unique chemistry, and unique balances or conflicts within each person.

The moon is also said to represent the instinctual self; the self that is commonly more hidden than the one we show to the world. If our sun and moon (our exterior and interior world,) are compatible, we may have an easier time, as our insides are working together with our outside to present a full picture.

If our sun and moon are in conflict, then we may feel as if we are being pulled in two directions, or that something in us is not working together to present this full picture of ourselves.

It is also possible to have both sun and moon in the same sign, which may lead to a general feeling of single-mindedness in goals. Think of the sun as our wants, and the moon as our needs. If both are aiming for the same then they can proceed without struggle, while those signs that differ may have a harder time getting their sun and moon to compromise on a goal.

To find out your moon sign, enter your birth time and date into the birth chart below. Check where in your chart you find a (yellow) moon symbol, and in what sign it’s placed. This is your moon sign. (You may not see the widget below because its not situated on a secure server, if you don’t mind click on the warning icon and let it load the script if you want to use it)

Now, what does your moon sign mean?

I’ve written below a few lines on each sign to give you an idea of how it might manifest. There is much more to learn though, so explore your moon sign and find as much insight as you can into your mysterious emotional world.

Moon in Aries

A moon in Aries is spontaneous and enthusiastic. They are the first ones to follow a crazy idea. They are optimistic and impatient, and they have no problem sharing how they feel; with their heart ruling their head.

A moon in Aries may have outbursts of emotions; telling off those who have sighted them. At their best, the Aries moon can be positive, inspiring, and sympathetic; with their eyes and heart tirelessly aiming for a cause. At their worst, overconfident, aggressive, and over-indulgent.

Moon in Gemini

600_story_what_does_your_moon_sign_and_rising_sign_meanThe Gemini moon is sociable, intellectual, and slightly finicky. The Gemini moon is usually more comfortable when analyzing feelings, as opposed to actually feeling them. A Gemini with a problem or decision to make, is a wildfire of questions, “talking it out,” and analysis; trying to get the bottom of their mysterious emotions.

They can be pretty helpful when dealing with others’ problems, as they want to find the quickest, and most clever way through the problem at hand. A Gemini is subject to change at all times, as they are bored easily, and need to jump from endeavour to endeavour.

Moon in Leo

The Leo moon is dramatic and funny. They have a knack for organizing social settings with their take-charge attitude that can sometimes border on bossy. They can be attracted to power and status, with their stubbornness helping them get where they want to go. Leo moons are easily caught up in the moment, and usually interested in some form of art or fashion. Though they may not take advice well, they are happy to give it to others, and are quick to share their good fortune.

Moon in Libra

Libra moon do not like to be alone. Whether they maintain a relationship for this purpose, or just want company on an errand; the Libra believes there is power in numbers. The libra moon is both charming and gentle, argumentative and indecisive. They are prone to arguing a point until they win, and must get the last word. The sign of balance; libra moons are encouraging and affectionate, but can easily be swept away in noticing the flaws, and going back and forth on a decision, looking for the balanced, right choice.

Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius moon love a good adventure. They are naturally upbeat, positive, and active. They can be competitive and love the outdoors or big spaces. They may either be athletes, or interested in various athletics. Sagittarius is a non-materialistic sign; choosing the value of experience over possessions. They are impatient, and at times very blunt.

They also enjoy leaving an impression on others, and may therefore be prone to boasting or exaggerating. These moons tend to be creative and have a philosophical edge to them. They love to learn, and can grow very restless with routine or the lack of intellectual stimulation. The Sagittarius moon is always searching.

Moon in Aquarius58bca3d5d3506727e8a5764188672bf8

Aquarius moon is a very observant sign, as they want to know about human nature. They can seem somewhat aloof and have the sense that they are different from others; often feeling that they do not fit in, and will not conform to fit the mainstream. Aquarians love freedom in every sense, and therefore have a playful and child-like demeanour.

They want to feel a sense of independence at every age, and are able to give this in return to their partners. A moon in this sign can sometimes be so involved with analyzing others that they can overlook their own feelings and issues. They are loyal friends, and loyal to the causes they believe in.

Moon in Taurus

A moon in Taurus likes the familiar. They are set in their ways and will do anything to keep their life safe and secure. They can be quite conservative, and make those around them feel comfortable, calm, and secure. But when their routine is interrupted, they can be as stubborn as a bull; easily becoming slaves to their routine.

They enjoy companionship, don’t enjoy messiness, and like to finish one project before they move onto another. The Taurus moon is also very romantic. In their relationships they are faithful, affectionate, sentimental, and unwavering.

Taurus moons have been known to test their relationship to see if it can last. Possessions are important to this sign and they are very often collectors of some sort.

Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer is a sensitive creature. In touch with their feelings and those of others, they have both the ability to be self-absorbed and sympathetic; unable to accept an “I’m fine” as an answer. They tend to cling to family, friends, and possessions; even a relationship that has turned sour. They appreciate peace and quiet, and will set up their possessions around them as comfort.

They can be shy around strangers, but outgoing and funny when comfortable. Cancer moons are likely to feel misunderstood, or taken for granted; but the dislike of confrontation leads then to hint at their unhappiness instead of saying anything straight out. Moon in Cancer can be very nurturing and have many interests in arts.

Moon in Virgomoon

Moon in Virgo likes the little things in life. They enjoy feeling secure, and everyday chores like running errands make them feel good. They are excellent at micromanaging and can be a great source of advice. They may be prone to low self esteem and stress, and feel best and content in their comfort zone.

They are excellent caretakers for themselves and their loved ones, and will show they care by helping you out. Open affection can make them pull away and put up barriers, but they hope that others will still be willing to stick around and get to know them.

Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio moons are emotionally charged. They can sense other people’s emotions easily, which can make others’ either wary or intrigued. They do not like their life to stay still for long, and live for the ups and the downs.

They are known to create drama in their own lives, and those around them, for the sake of excitement. They are passionate, fearless, and intuitive. They have a tendency to test relationships, but are deeply loyal when they’ve committed.

Moon in scorpio are interested in strange subjects (often being involved in astrology as well,) and can make wonderful therapist as they understand emotions and the little details of the mind (once they’ve gained control over their own emotions.) They can be fiercely competitive with people of their own sex and very indulgent with their partners.

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn are collected, dignified, and calculating. They want everything planned and mapped out, and don’t easily get swept up in emotions. They want goals and boundaries and don’t like to take many risks. Capricorn moons are their worst critics and are very aware of their weaknesses; making great pains to compensate for them.

Though they may seem cold, they are just not comfortable letting their emotions free, and can often suffer from illness or depression from holding onto too many emotions. They can also hide their sensitivity behind a sarcastic demeanour. They need to learn to show affection to others, but they are usually a good source of friendship and advice in others’ lives.

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces is a sign with strong psychic abilities. They are natural empaths and are compassionate, and full of love. They can be easily lost in other people’s problems because of this. Moons in Pisces need the time to daydream and space out, otherwise they can become overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life.

They can be talented actors, writers, musicians, or artists, as they have an uncanny ability to understand others’ experiences without having to experience them first-hand. Pisces moon are very sensitive and easily walked on; it is very important for them to know when to step back and recharge for a bit.

It is essential for them to have meaning in their lives, and they care more for emotions than possessions.

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Ester Eckhaus
Ester Eckhaus
Ester Eckhaus is a freethinking, philosophizing, spiritual being; focused on self-awareness, and helping people reach their highest selves. She is a poet, currently working on her first poetry compilation to be published soon. She lives and loves in Jerusalem, where she is starting a new chapter in life.


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