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5 Signs Your Vibration is Raising

“The universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.” ~ Abraham Hicks

The more in tune we become with our feelings, the better we become at being able to raise our vibration to newer and higher states. A high vibration can be attributed to one thing alone and that is, it feels good.


Emotions that feel good, people that feel good to be around, choices that feel better in our bodies are all indications that these things are of a higher vibration and therefore in our best interest.raise your vibration

However, the trickiest thing to decipher is if the good feeling is coming from our higher self or our ego self. For instance, it may feel good to our ego self to key the car of the boss that just fired us, but to our higher self this choice is stemming from anger or fear and therefore does not feel like the wisest choice to make.

The deeper we go internally and the more we evolve and mature the quicker we are able to see what feels good in the moment may not be in our best interest. Lucky for us, as our vibration rises so will our ability to make wise and more loving decisions for our lives.

The signals that we are rising in vibration will encourage us to keep going in the direction that we are going in. Below are five signs that your vibration is raising.

5 Signs You Are Rising In Vibration

1.You begin to notice that your energy is affecting those around you (for the better)-

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” ~ Barbara Marciniak

Awakening souls whose energy frequency is rising will begin to notice that just their mere presence somewhere will noticeably affect the energy of other people in the room. Maybe you here a family member who has never talked about meditation or eating healthy suddenly be interested in such topics and want to talk with you about it, or perhaps you see someone angry in the checkout line at the grocery store suddenly calm down as soon as you walk up.

No matter the circumstance, it will become undeniable over time that your high vibration is beginning to catalyze others to shift emotional states rather rapidly as soon as they are in your presence.

2. The thought patterns you have are more loving in nature

“Where thoughts go energy goes. There is nothing else here besides energy. Thoughts create form. Moderate your thoughts because they affect the entire energy field. When we are at a high level of vibration, we naturally attract high level experiences and vice versa. Experiences are a direct reflection of your thoughts.” ~ Unknown

If we think of our mind like a radio that is sending and receiving frequencies we get a clearer idea of how thought patterns work. A lower vibration will pick up lower vibrational thoughts, negativity, judgment, criticism, etc., whereas a being who is vibrating at a higher state will begin to pick up thoughts that are more loving in nature.

What once may have been criticism, judgment or anger we had towards someone else or even ourselves will begin to turn into compassion, empathy and gratitude when we begin to rise in vibration.

3. Compassion for other comes from a much deeper placevibrationimage3

A higher vibration goes hand in hand with our heart chakra opening up further, and this is the reason why energetically in tune beings can begin to “feel” other people’s pain, so much so that it can almost feel like they are the ones experiencing it themselves.

At our essence we are all one, and the higher our frequency is this truth becomes something that we not only know but something we actually experience.

A being who is resonating in a higher state is much less likely to inflict pain on another because intuitively they know that what one does to another they ultimately are also doing to themselves, which is why compassion and love for others becomes their natural state.

4. People, places and things begin to drop out of your life unexpectedly

“I think people who vibrate at the same frequency vibrate toward each other. They call it in science sympathetic vibrations.” ~ Erykah Badhu

The universe is constantly shedding for us things that are not serving our highest good and therefore not needed for our journey ahead, and that includes people and places.

As our vibration rises we will see that relationships that no longer are serving our evolution end, jobs that no longer make us happy come to a finish, and moves to different places are prompted through uncontrollable external circumstances.

If these things are happening to you trust that all endings are opening the door for new beginnings to emerge, and they are all serving your new vibrational state and ultimately your highest good.

vibrationimage45. Children, animals and other people seem to be attracted to you more than usual

The higher we vibrate the more light we are emanating and this can be highly attractive to others.

Animals, children and beings not necessarily rooted so much in the ego-mind will especially gravitate towards those of a higher vibration. Like energy will attract like energy, which is why when we feel good, we begin to draw to us other beings who are rooted in this same vibrational state.

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